Which Way To The Plain Of Enlightenment?

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Meditation is defined as continued or extended thought; reflection; contemplation. With this in mind how does meditation become categorized under a school of thought? Meditation is different for every person; however there are ideas that stem from certain places. Two of the largest types of meditation are Buddhist meditation and Christian meditation. These large religions have ways in which they suggest to their members to meditate. With Christianity and Buddhism stemming from different parts of the world, would there origins be the main reason for their differences? Perhaps their teaching would have to do with the way that they teach their members to practice? Whatever the case, their methods have been routed in history and have been growing for centuries. Buddhists also have many different sects, that each have their own way of meditating. The differences in the ways in which Christians and Buddhists meditate was the spark that brought together representatives from each school of thought. They come together at a Christian-Buddhist meditation conference. The main idea of this conference was to bring together the minds that truly understand each method of meditation. This is one of the most amazing parts of the conference a chance to truly learn another culture from which then they can be compared.
To understand why meditation is so important one must embrace the history of Buddhism. It started with the first Buddah, named Siddhartha Gautama who was born into royalty in 563BC and from birth was prophesized to be a great religious leader. In his early twenties he came to understand what death, sickness, and old age were. Previous to this his father shielded him from these aspects of life. Then at 29 he left his royal life to understand what the origin of suffering is and how to overcome it. As a wandering monk, Siddhartha began to search for pure Enlightenment. He traveled to learn deep meditation and yogic practices. Then after years of trying different methods, while sitting under a Budhi tree, he found pure Enlightenment while meditating. From this point on he would teach to anyone who would follow him. In his eyes all were equal, anyone, man or woman from any class. He also created an order of monks that would help him teach his message to the masses. Those who follow the school of Buddhism understand it as a philosophy, moral code, and/or religion. The main goal is to define the type of suffering that a human has and provide a remedy for it. The teachings are centered around non-violence and compassion. The teachings tie in with meditation being the most important way to achieve spiritual insight.
Buddhist meditation is very different from all other forms preached by other religions. To understand their meditation one must first learn about the Esoteric Buddhist beliefs and teachings. Esoteric Buddhism is a large sect that is also known as Shingon, which translates to true word, and Mikkyo Buddism. Esoteric Buddhism...

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