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Which Trials Essay

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The Salem Witch trials which spanded from June to September in 1962 resulted in 19 people, men, women, and children being hung. It was all started by a group of girls and a fearful town. The '"afflicted" girls caused mass hysteria through out the town and soon the word "witchcraft" was being used frequentlyIt all started wuth a small group of girls and a slave. Abigal williams (Parris's Niece) and Betty (Parris's Duaghter) heard stories from tituba about her life, home in Barbados. She told the girls about spells and voodoo.(Hill, 219-224) After hearing this, they were fascinated with iut and practiced with it. Soon other girls joined them and tried love spells, Furture prediction and so on. Typical little girl things. After being caught dancing int he woods, they started having fits and uncontrolable acts.(Hill, 225-228) Once this had spread through town, everyone assumed it was due to witchcraft. Why the girls kept pretending no one knows but soon they were forced into naming other "witches". This is where it really got out of control.(Hill, 24-28)About 140 people were accused of being witches. 38 from the Salem Area. Including John Proctor, Giles and Martha Corey, George Jacobs, Sarah Osbourne, and a number of other people. Even though 19 people were hung, a number of others died in prison and Giles Corey was pressed to death.(Hill, 229) He refused to release information that would have innocent people put in jail. The worst part of it...

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774 words - 4 pages been Lyme disease, which presents many of the same symptoms as the afflicted accusers, such as itching and nerve damage causing victims to sometimes twitch. (Lyme Disease Symptoms, Causes, Treatments) Since many sources document twitching in the afflicted accusers, there could have been a connection to Lyme disease. Superstition and religious belief played a colossal role in the Salem witch trials. Even if superstition and religious beliefs may not

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