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What Type Of Exploratory Research Designs Would You Suggest For Each Of The Following Situations? Justify Your Answers Using Specific Illustrations And Examples.

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2. What type of exploratory research designs would you suggest for each of the following situations? Justify your answers using specific illustrations and examples.a. The research and development director of Louis Vuitton suggests a new type of cologne for men that could be promoted by tennis celebrity Marat Safin.b. The General Manager of Thai Spices Restaurant in Hong Kong wishes to offer customers two "new and exciting" dinner items that would be a blend of fresh durians, herbs and chicken.c. A retail manager would like to know the popularity of a new brand of dishwashing detergent produced by Proctor and Gamble.a) In developing a research design for this particular situation, it would first be a consideration that Louis Vuitton is not an established force in the fragrance market. Vuitton must enter this field relying on the transfer of it's superb reputation in current areas of production to the new endeavour.Can the product be successful? Using the Case Study Method would be suitable in answering this question. It may be advisable to explore the success of other companies who have attempted similar campaigns. For example, Tommy Hilfiger (another fashion designer) has attempted and succeeded in entering this market. It would be worthwhile to analyse the past successes and failures of similar companies and use the information in developing the new product.In the further stages of research it would be effective to use focus group interviews to gauge consumer reaction to the product and it's prospective face of endorsement. It must be determined if potential customers feel they would be drawn to buy a fragrance created by Vuitton and what characteristics are important in influencing their purchasing decision (eg. Price, Packaging, Place and Promotion). It would be important to determine how the consumer feels about the promotion of the product by Marat Safin. It is quite possible for example, that the participants of a focus group may feel that the luxurious, prestigious image of Louis Vuitton may slightly clash with the athletic image of Safin. In which case it would be advisable to use the young, attractive, marketable celebrity image of Safin to promote the product and make no link to Safin's tennis career. Examples of this can be seen in the promotion of Tag Heuer watches by Mark Philippoussis. In advertising the products there is no connection made between Mark and tennis. It must also be noted that time must be taken to discuss the particulars of the product itself as products cannot survive on endorsement alone - as displayed by the past failure of Michael Jordan's cologne.Projective Techniques such as a Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) may be useful to use during the focus group(s). Various visual presentations of Safin and/or the cologne can be made to the participants and feedback can be used in further research and development. As the product research matures and the target audience is now more defined, it would at this stage perhaps...

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