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Whistle Blowers Essay

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WHISTLE BLOWERS We all know that honesty is the best policy, but a few courageous folks among us learn that this policy can come with a lot of struggles. These people act according to principals and facts of life. They know that if they do not present the truth many individuals in the society might suffer and they (as honest people) might live with guilt for the rest of their lives. These people that are willing to undergo all costs to save the society are called whistle blowers. We are going to examine the actions of a few great whistle blowers to show us why people blow the whistle. Based on the actions of Scott Groves, Stephen Bolsin, Charles Grssley and Jeffery Weigard people blow the whistle for the following reasons: to bring attention to an injustice, to keep a clear conscience, and to perform their duties as citizen.As a director of internal audits, Scott Groves¡¦ actions indicated why people become whistle blowers. First, Scott blew the whistle to bring attention to an injustice. The injustice included Alina, a Minneapolis Health Care Provider Company, over-billing Medicare and Medicaid by 19 million dollars. He noted this injustice and decided to blow the whistle. Second, Scott blew the whistle to keep a clear conscience. This is indicated when he decided to continue with the investigation even after demotion. Arguably, he did not let the demotion be a sign, of the company trying to show him that he was wrong for bringing up this injustice, instead he revealed this injustice to keep a clear conscience. Thirdly, Scott blew the whistle on Alina to perform his duties as a citizen. Specifically, he risked his accounting career to reveal what Alina had done to his fellow citizen¡¦s financially. By revealing this fact Scott knew that he had performed his duty as a citizen. All the above facts show us that Scott tried to do what was right for him and his society. As a whistle blower Scott knew the price he would pay for revealing this fact just like Stephen Bolsin After reviewing Stephen Bolsins¡¦ actions one can see why people become whistle blowers. First, Stephen brings attention to an injustice. The injustice involved the death of 29 babies and children in Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI). He noted this injustice and decided to blow the whistle. Secondly, Stephen blew the whistle to keep a clear conscience. This is indicated when he tries to raise his concerns with his colleagues and senior staff, but he was ignored. This prompted him to act according to his own will, which was to blow the whistle and not to keep quiet like his colleagues did. Finally, Stephen blew the whistle on BRI to perform his duties as a citizen. He was just trying to protect the children (citizens) from death leading operations that had already killed 29 babies and children. Stephen actions on this issue only show us his dedications and love for society, because he put both his family and career at risk only to save the...

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