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Whistleblowing Essay

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Whistle blowing is the act of reporting a business or organization that is doing something that would potentially harm the public. People expect organizations to do ethical practices and should have public safety at the center of all of its practices and concerns. These practices include making products. These products that are made for the public and should be one-hundred percent safe to use. The problem of whistle blowing is that some people think that whistle blowers should be protected by the law. Others think that whistle blowers should not be protected by the law. Ethical theories can be guidelines to help people understand if the act of whistle blowing should be done or not.
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Tsahuridu and Wim Vandekerchhove, and titled Organisational Whistleblowing Polices: Making Employees Responsible or Liable? is the counter argument to the limitations that whistle blowers face. This article argues that whistle blowers should take responsibility for the actions of whistle blowing. The author can relate to a theorist named Immanuel Kant because he says that people should do their duty. This means that people should do what the universal law commands. In this case, people should not whistle blow because it is not their job. The act of rights can also be looked upon when looking at the issue of whistle blowing. Moral rights can argue that whistle blowers should have the right to blow the whistle, if it protects the public from harm. Whistle blowing has many aspects that it can be looked upon from. The biggest argument that is formed from these articles is whether or not they should be protected by the law. It must be decided which ethical theory would make the most logical sense when looking at this issue of whistle blowing. By looking at the theories of Mill utilitarianism, Kant, and the theory of rights, the most logical theory would be Mill utilitarianism.
When looking at whistle blowing, people must look and determine if whistle blowers should be protected if they do blow the whistle. In a journal article, "Internal" Business Practices?: The Limits of Whistleblower Protection for Employees Who Oppose or Expose Fraud in the Private Sector, by David Aaron talks about how employees have limited protection if they whistle blow. The reasons for whistle blowing, according within the article, states that whistle blowing should only be done if the company they are working for is doing
Something that harms the public or if the company is breaking the law. This article claims that people should have protections under the law if whistle blowing is committed. People should expect protection under the law, so that they have the freedom to report malicious activity if they feel the need to report something bad. The author argues that protections that whistle blowers have now are not enough. He wants people to be protected both on the state and federal levels. Throughout this article, the author repeatedly state that people should always be protected under the law. He states that if people had had more protections, then they can avoid public backlash and not lose their job. Overall, the author of this article is arguing for more protection for whistle blowers. Whistle blowers should have all the protection they need in order to keep the public free from harm to make sure that they are working for companies that are not breaking the law.
The author of this article is calling for whistle blowers to have protection under the law, however, people still wonder if it is an ethical thing to do. The best way to look at what this author is arguing is to compare what the author's values and beliefs are with utilitarianism. ...

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