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White Oleander White Oleander is the story of a young girl who experiences loss, misfortune, and healing when her mother is convicted of murder and send to prison for life. Astrid, a young girl lives with her artist mother, Ingrid Magnussen. Astrid is an artist like her mother who enjoys going to poetry readings, art openings and spending time with her mother. Astrid adores her mother and cherishes their private life. Ingrid, is Astrid's mother. She is a poet and an artist, who works at the magazine, "Cinema Scope" to make ends meet. Using her luminous beauty she manipulates men. Ingrid and Astrid live in Hollywood, California. They live in an apartment overlooking the famous Hollywood sign, in the 90's. When Ingrid is rejected by her lover, she murders him with a poison of white oleander, jimson root, and DMSO. After that Astrid is bounced from foster home to foster home. Astrid's first foster home is with Star Thomas and Ray. StarThomas was once a prostitute, and Ray is a carpenter. There Astrid receives her first pair of high heels, an introduction to religion, and a bullet wound to her shoulder. She also gets involved romantically with Star's boyfriend Ray. Astrid's second foster home is with Marvel and Ed Turlock. Astrid considers them her first real family. Ed works at the local Home Depot, and Marvel sells Mary Kay cosmetics. There Astrid learns what her jobs are: babysitter, pot scrubber, laundry maid, and beautician. There she penetrates the mystery of the American family. When she is mauled by a dog things start to unravel. Marvel claims that Astrid is running around and doing drugs, Astrid then goes to her third foster home, with Amelia Ramos. Amelia Ramos is Astrid's third foster mother. She is an interior decorator, who once lived in Argentina. When Astrid first arrives everything seems hunky-dory until she learns that they only get fed dinner. There she learns to stand up for herself, and beat on the bars until she gets what she needs. Astrid continuously calls child services to ask for replacement, then finally gets it when she receives a new social worker. Her next home is with Claire and Ron Richards. Claire is an actress, and Ron produces a...

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