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White Paper On “Hvac Industry: Challenges, Trends, Market Drivers”

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HCL team has been regularly tracking the HVAC industry for some time. This white paper lists key findings with respect to trends observed and challenges faced by HVAC industry. This is followed by sections on how HCL’s inhouse developed solution IoTF can effectively meet some of these challenges.
HVAC Industry: Trends, Challenges and market drivers:
After tracking the HCL domain experts and business managers have been actively tracking the HVAC industry. Some of their key findings from the recent analysis are listed below:
a) Increased focus on energy conservation and demand prediction: Since prerequisite for any effective management is measurement, a high emphasis is observed on ...view middle of the document...

f) Increased interest in the technologies like Big data, cloud computing and advanced analytics: HVAC OEMS are increasingly turning to technologies like Big data, cloud computing and advanced analytics to create product differentiation and gain market share. These technologies are used for trend analysis, pattern recognition, cause and effect analysis, etc. Big data and advanced analytics are also being leveraged to predict future energy requirements, to comply with statutory and regulatory guidelines by giving detailed proof of efficiency and performance.
Proposed Solution

Some of the challenges/issues mentioned in the previous section can be overcome by deploying the Internet of Things (IoT) framework as shown in figure above. Detailed scenarios/use cases leveraging IoTF are listed below:
1. Energy Management: Energy management is explained in following three cases:
a. HVAC appliances will be interfaced with Power/Energy meter to measure the energy consumption data at the individual device level or household level. This data will be sent to IoT platform in near real time via IoT Gateway and can be analyzed / recommendations can be given to user.
b. Smart Grid integration can also be done and demand response based system can be implemented.
c. The presence sensor can communicate to the gateway about the absence of any one, gateway can then switch off the HVAC devices in order to optimize energy consumption. The rules can be configured via platform and pushed to gateway for implementation.
2. Remote Monitoring and control: The different setting of the HVAC devices e.g. cooling mode, set temperature etc. can be remotely monitored as well as controlled from the mobile devices.
3. Preventive Maintenance and Remote Diagnostics: The operational/diagnostics information from the HVAC devices will be sent to the platform via gateway. Based on the configured rules and the available historical data, proactive alerts would be sent to the user about the HVAC part which requires repair or replacement. Additionally, it would be possible to send the diagnostics information which the service person...

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