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Running head: WHITE PRIVILEGE 16WHITE PRIVILEGEWhite PrivilegeKarie R. ShepherdIvy Tech Community CollegeAbstractThe study of sociology allows us to understand the relationship between people and other cultures along with racial and ethnic inequality. As we define culture by a set of norms and values, we can also study how these cultures can often change over time and attitudes towards racial and ethnic groups. Several concepts, such as prejudice, racial profiling, and white privilege can often change the way we think or view other cultures. These topics become more relevant as you read Tim Wise's article "White Swim in Racial Preference" and force us to think about how these ideas are put into practice. How this short piece makes us initially feel or perhaps react to other cultures can say a lot about who we are as a person and our level of understanding and tolerance towards groups other than our own.The Challenging Issue of the Separation of Church and StateWhen the first amendment was written it said "Congress shall make no law respecting and establishment or religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…" This was written because America did not want a mandatory religious system like that of England. American people did not want freedom from religion, they simply wanted freedom of religion. Even the men who wrote the constitution believed that God could do much more than man, therefore they used the Bible to help form the government.Our constitution has been amended and changed, driven by the effects of modern controversies. The founding fathers did not intend to create a Christian nation. The Christian cross and American flag were displayed in public places with hardly any voice of dissent. Jefferson felt that he did not have the constitutional authority to lead the people in act of prayer. Under the strong influence of Virginia, southern states decided to rewrite their constitution and disestablish all Churches. The constitution was then rewritten with God's name removed.The issue whether or not church and state should be separate didn't evolve until the 19th century, and today it remains a hot topic among both separationists and accommodationists alike. Separationists are the people who push separation of church Separationists feel that neither state nor the federal government can set up churches or aid religion; there should be absolutely no governmental funding of religious activity and displays, any praying in public school or teaching of evolution. On the opposing side, accommodationists oppose separation between church and state, interpreting the first amendment exactly as it is stated. No where in the first amendment does it say "separation of church and state . Accommodationists support government funding of religious schools / organization, they support government organized (non denominational) prayers, and the funding of religious displays.Religions place in schools has always been scrutinized. In 1954 'under God' was...

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1205 words - 5 pages . Talking about the realities race, oppression and white privilege make people uncomfortable. There are races that feel superior and their position oppresses the minorities.Institutional privilege and inequality exist in every society, including Saudi Arabia. The Saudi system is dominated by the rich. The rich are comparable to the White privileged in America. The economic inequality makes one fall either to the dominant or the oppressed group.Racial

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767 words - 4 pages , simply the way things are”(100). However, these systems of privilege can be made visible, and must be made visible to address issues of systematic oppression within our society. I believe that one of the most oppressive systems is “white privilege”, which is defined by Peggy MacIntosh as an invisible set of unearned assets and advantages held by white people. Although I agree with her definition, I disagree with her argument that “white privilege

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1293 words - 5 pages from our professors and our peers, the one that assures us that we are so good we think like a man, but the flip side of this approval is, of course the dismissal we constantly fear and sometimes receive as well.”(111). Rothenberg realizes that race also affects privilege. While at a New Year’s Eve party Rothenberg notices that she was the only white person. “White people carry their privilege wherever they go; I knew my minority status was only

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1009 words - 4 pages of psychoanalysis, his work suggests both how and why psychoanalytic theory can be of help to critical race theory’s project of examining race for the purpose of challenging racism and white privilege. While the white cognitive dysfunction described by Mills sometimes operates preconsciously, his concept of the epistemology of ignorance also points to the vast pools of human thought inaccessible to consciousness, and thus unconscious. This

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1245 words - 5 pages does not fit in with either racial group. In the autobiography of an Ex-colored man, James Weldon Johnson uses double consciousness to show the narrators stance as a person that gives up his birthright for the “privilege of whiteness”. Beginning from when the narrator was a little boy, being perceived as white by his classmates, while he was neither black nor white but a combination of both. As a result of the narrator being raised on the

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732 words - 3 pages very discerningbecause the court ruled that she would be designated as black because she was partAfrican American. This historical sample really shows just how fixated our society is onrace.#5)The Lists article mentions how there is this existence of "white privilege" in oursociety and how it seems to dominate and operate. White privilege means that "a fictiveidentity of 'whiteness' appeared in law as an abstraction, and it became actualized

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1562 words - 6 pages male, I have to earn my respect, as really everyone else does too. I would say from face value alone that that is the most respected person based on first impressions. Something called “White Privilege” is responsible for that! Being that White people are predominately in a seat of power over minorities, and we were founded as a country by Europeans, (writers note, see bottom) we are given privileges others are not. Another experience white people

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