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White Tail Deer Essay

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The common name of the specie I chose for this assignment is the White-tailed deer and the scientific name Odocoileus virginianus. I live in Cleveland, Ohio (United State) and the white-tail deer can be fund almost anywhere in Ohio. White-tail deer leave in regions of temperate climates; region where all four seasons are experience. In this assignment, I will be discussing everything that it is to know about White-tail deer such as their life cycle, reproduction system, evolution and the biology of white-tail deer. White-tail deer live at the edge of the forest in wooded areas and that is one of the reasons why they are mostly seen in the suburb. Despite of the fact that they can be on our ...view middle of the document...

After six months of matting, a doe can give birth to one to three babies. They weigh about 4 to 5 pounds.
The life cycle is the white-tail deer is pretty amazing, the baby whitetail named fawn can walk right after birth, as a young fawn, it get milk from the mother then after a few day it can eat vegetation. Fawn can start running after three week of birth. The mother can hide her babies for hours while she go get some food and if she has more than one she keep them in different places. The white spots on the fawns help them hide from predators. The female fawns usually stay around her mother for two years and the male stay around for about one year then after two years, male start growing antlers. The white spots on their coat disappear as they get older.
White-tail deer are known to be in the Animalia Kingdom, they lack cells such as walls, heterotopic and also multicellular. Their bodies contain distinct types of cells that specialized for different functions, all cells work together. It also contains membrane bound organelles which put them in the domain of Eukaryote ("The White Tailed Deer", n.d.). White-tail deer are also in the class of Mammalia because they have warm blood, have four chamber hearts, have hair on their body and also give birth to a live baby fawn ("The White Tailed Deer", n.d.).
White-tail deer are very beautiful animals; they have been around for...

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