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Originally, the term “hipster” referred to “a black subculture figure of the late 1940s” (Grief 7), and transitioned to, “The White Negro” (Grief 7) who listens to Jazz in the 1950s. This term went through many phases and transitions as time progressed. Dick Hebdige states, “Subcultures represent ‘noise’ (as opposed to sound): interference in the orderly sequence which leads from real events and phenomena to their representation in the media” (Hebdige 90). In the past the hipsters were localized and apart of a subculture; however, now, my perception of hipsters has developed to more of a worldwide “imagined community” with many localized subcultures within. Not only did the structure of their community transition, the characteristics of the hipsters have also progressed because, as Gertrude Stein says, “Each generation has something different at which they are looking at.” (Stein). As with any subculture, there are signs and signifiers that distinguish a subculture, these signs and signifiers correspond to the style and mindsets of that subculture respectively. The mainstream culture thinks of “hipsterism” as more of a style than a mindset when asked to define a hipster, while the people that I perceive as hipsters think of “hipsterism” as one hipster stated, “more of an attitude than a style.”
A sign of being hipster can be interest in art and in certain genres of music that they listen to; these genres include folk, indie rock, and jazz. Normative people are not as quickly to judge someone as hipster when they find out someone listens to non-normative music or is interested in art. Hipsters are associated with having a degree in some type of art field. When visiting so-called hipster cafés, the music that was playing was more rhythm and blues than any other genre. The individuals I recognized as hipsters did not think the music playing, rhythm and blues, was hipster music, however when asked what hipsters listened to they could not come up with a reasonable genre, they said that hipsters do not listen to a specific genre. More so, my version of the hipster thinks that hipsters listen to music that has, “real meaning not something about break-ups…I’m tired of those,” as one I perceived as hipster expressed. In addition, art was something that hipsters agreed is associated with most hipsters’ interests. However being an art major or having an interest in art does not make someone hipster, someone I perceived as hipster said, “it is just a generalization that hipsters like art.”
Other signs to help distinguish potential hipsters are their race and ethnicity and their gender. I think hipsters’ race, gender, and ethnicity are generalized to be predominantly white Caucasian males, according to the mainstream. When asking individuals I thought of as hipsters what race and gender is associated with being hipster, they responded that hipsters could be any race, gender, or ethnicity. They did eventually admit that hipsters are predominantly male, but...

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