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Who Are Jehovah's Witnesses Essay

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I. Introduction
Just few days ago, I saw in news that a Jehovah’s Witness Woman got bitten by a dog while she was knocking on the door. Even though there was a sign “Be aware of Dog”, the woman decided to go in anyway. Is their passion for evangelism so strong they are willing to sacrifice their own safety, and take verbal abuse from people they knock?
Through this short presentation, we will try to identify the true nature of Jehovah’s Witnesses. And, as there is limitation on time we will not go too deep in details but we will try to learn them better so that we may be ready to face them next time.
Jehovah’s Witness started as a bible study movement in 1870 by Charles Taze Russell. In ...view middle of the document...

They were forbidden to have any fellowship with other church denominations, and separation with all the government authorities were encouraged, even voting in the election of the country or involve in military services. Jehovah’s Witnesses’ ultimate goal is the Kingdom of God after the final judgment.
At his death in 1942, Rutherford left behind an organization which continues to grow at a remarkable rate.
Until now we had imagined the Jehovah’s Witness as Christians with confused theology. But as we study its history and their fruit, it is obvious that it may have Christian origin, but now it has became an organization with a sinful motives. It has destroyed so many families and person with its greedy and tactful ideologies which benefits handful by sacrificing multitude. By few similarities we get confused and see them as an ally but what they are teaching and practicing is quite obvious is not will of God. They proclaim like many other heretics, believes God and the authority of the Bible. They believe the foundation of the church is Christ, but the God they believe to give them salvation maybe different and the bible they believe is manipulated and the Christ they proclaim is just a creation who cannot give salvation. The loveless shunning process the Jehovah’s Witnesses practice to discipline its congregation is not humane and has destroyed so many families and lives, we can only conclude it is a device used by devil to manipulate minds of its capture. Once gets into the organization, it becomes so hard to leave them once you realize the evilness of the organization for the fear of dissociation with the family and friend. Their friendship is bound by fear of retaliation from the association.
By looking at the fundamental saving truth of Christianity which is “Who Jesus is” we will verify whether Jehovah’s Witnesses are Christian or Not. We will look at the present and past belief of the Jehovah’s Witness and let you decide the complexity and importance of Christological value in the theology.
Originally we had five members in our group, but two members left our group suddenly for personal reasons. I sincerely wished everyone to finish the group work together no matter what as that would be what Jesus wanted. Never the less, did not happen. So, going to the first speaker Sung Suk, Nam who will inform you about what do Jehovah’s Witnesses believe about the person of Jesus Christ and followed by Jin Woo Park who will describe the origin or the relationship between Jehovah’s Witness and the early creeds of the church and after that myself will present what we could say to Jehovah’s Witness when they knock my door. And finally conclusions by Jin woo Park to finish the presentation. Thank You.

2. What do Jehovah’s Witnesses believe about the person of Jesus Christ?
There are many faulty claims of Jehovah’s Witness which is not the bible actually says. Whatever the Brooklyn governing body can think of and publish in their new bible,...

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