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Who Are These Girls? Essay

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Thanks for the reviews and suggestions, guys! I've never read the comics, so I didn't know. And that's a great idea!
Disclaimer: I don't own Gallagher Girls or Teen Titans, and I probably never will, sadly. By the way, if anyone's wondering, the character known as "Mer" is my OC.

(Robin's POV)
I gaped at the girls in front of me. Exactly what did they teach them at their school?
"Sorry about that." I looked at the teacher, who had spoken. He was standing there with a strange kind of grin on his face. "I can't pass up a learning opportunity!" He continued.
"Um... okay." I managed to regain some control over myself and shook my head before continuing where I left off. "As I was saying, we protect Jump City from all sorts of threats from people with… special abilities, which make it hard for them to be stopped by normal police. Take today, for example. Plasmas, who we fought today, is a normal human being when he's asleep. When he wakes up, however, he turns into a sort of gooey, pink-ish creature. He storms through the city, destroying stuff and drinking stuff from the sewer pipes. There was a collective "eww" from the girls.
"Anyways, next you guys get to see an a small performance of our powers and skills, and then I guess you go back to your school." I finished. I really hadn't wanted to do this, but the teacher had persuaded me in the end. He was a very convincing man, I'll give him that. I led the way to the training room.
"Me first me first me first!" Kid called, running around me slowly. Well, slowly for him.
"Fine, Kid, you go first." I sighed, watching as Kid ran around the room, only seen as a red and yellow blur. He skidded to a halt in the middle of the room and created one his arm tornadoes. I rolled my eyes. He just had to show off, didn't he? Finally he raced back over, allowing Jinx to cast her hexes around the room. Gentle hexes, of course. We didn't want to have to rebuild the tower. Cyborg shot targets with his sonic cannon and lifted weights. Beast Boy transformed into a multitude of animals, and Raven threw things around with her...well, whatever you call it. Dark energy? Powers? Spells? Anyway, then it was Star's turn. She flew around the...

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