Who Are You And What Are You Doing Here? Rhetorical Analysis

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Studying a university degree is one of the biggest achievements of many individuals around the world. But, according to Mark Edmunson, a diploma in America does not mean necessarily studying and working hard. Getting a diploma in the United States implies managing with external factors that go in the opposite direction with the real purpose of education. The welcome speech that most of us listen to when we started college, is the initial prank used by the author to state the American education system is not converging in a well-shaped society. Relating events in a sarcastic way is the tone that the author uses to explain many of his arguments. Mark Edmunson uses emotional appeals to deliver ...view middle of the document...

As a reader, this is the key element to believe that Mark Edmundson is really involved in the education field and wants to deliver constructive feedback to the Education system. This is also perceived when the author claims “Education is about finding out what form of work for you is close to being play”. In other words, he says that each person must be involved in the field where he or she feels comfortable. In my opinion, this is the best way to develop personal satisfaction and happiness in a society because it encourages doing people’s preferred activities. Choosing our desired career motivates to add value to our duties and avoid unscrupulous actions. Hence, education should be a priority to everybody.
Consequently, I firmly agree how the author exposes the lack of academic importance in the American universities. The author states that most of the students do not desire to get a strong academic formation. When the essay states that “ In college, life is elsewhere”, Edmonson relates how students are more concerned about passing courses in college instead of learning important theory associated with their fields. I believe that this is a commonly seen event in colleges and as students we must be worried about working hard in our studies. Being lethargic throughout University results in cheating. The author claims how some students look for getting answers of an exam in a different way than learning from classes and lectures. Bad practices such as obtaining old tests and buying papers are the opening point to develop a corrupt society. An education system designed to contribute good citizens have to encourage its members to act properly in any situation. Cheating is not the only way in which the American education system is being affected. Assertions expressed in the paper such as “ The students and the professors have made a deal” or, “ As for the administrators, their relation to the students often seems based not on love but fear,” are used by Edmunson to describe an equilibrium behavior between students, professors and administrators that results doing jobs as simple as possible. This means that most of the individuals related to the education system provide the conditions to cheat and avoid hard work.
I believe that the author develops a good analysis when he treats the college and company relationship. Edmunson describes the lack of synergy between the education system and life. He says that Colleges are concerned with provided theory, whereas the firms decide which theories apply. This is a correct statement because what a student can learn during the university could not be useful in his work. Thus, both fields are producing collusion between them. The education system should provide an academic base that will allow the students to actualize their knowledge in the future. It is necessary that companies and colleges work in a coherent way in order to develop beneficial projects for the American society. However, the essay states that...

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