Who Cares About Writing? Essay

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Why would anyone care about writing anyway? It’s only the single most
important form of communication, outside of verbal. Writing is an underestimated and
misunderstood art. Yet it is so widely used and taken advantage of. By “taking
advantage,” I mean the improper uses of the language. But really, who cares? So many
use it, but no one takes into consideration how important the usage of words are and what
they have the power to do. I don’t think the question should be ‘Why would anyone
care?’ But moreover, ‘Who cares?’ Because if we don’t know the who of who cares
about writing, how can we know the why? In analyzing who really cares about writing I
didn’t come up with many individuals or groups of people. I found that authors, such as,
musicians, poets, and screen writers, generally might care about the concrete details of
writing, but writing is something they enjoy doing;. I believe the people who are truly
taken in by writing are the consumers, not only because they enjoy the relative thoughts,
but also because many times in reading its possible to gain knowledge and wisdom from
other’s work.

While listening to musicians, both instrumental and vocal, I find that there passion
is in their expression. Ralph Ellison mentions in his essay, Living With Music, “Their
driving motivation was neither money nor fame, but the will to achieve the most eloquent
expression of idea-emotions through the technical mastery of their instruments.” (206).

Often times its portrayed that musicians are in their field because it pays well and they’re
good at it. I beg to differ. Artists such as singers, rappers, and even spoken word artists,
have a brilliant way of expression. They write their experiences and feelings to a rhythm,
in order for their audience to feel what they are saying, not just hear it. Initially,
songwriters may not know what power they hold within their words, they just write it.
But they care enough to make it heard to the people that may be going through similar
situations. Musicians produce selflessly, not just because they have talent. They produce
in hopes of consumption.

Writing comes to an individual as a freeing exercise and possibly a form a venting
for some. Take poetry for example. It’s a rhythmic way, outside of music, of freeing
thoughts. For me, poetry is just a fun way to get my thoughts out. Often times, when
poets write something that may seem simple to them, it may be see as genius to the next
person. Let’s also look at social media. Although it’s a less formal source, it shares the
same principles. Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and similar sites, are all forms of writing.
Formal or not. People use these sites as ways of expression. Little do they know,
something that they post could be vital to someone’s life. These social sites are updated
extremely carelessly used and taken advantage of. In Sven Birkets essay Into the
Electronic Millennium, he...

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