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Who Costa Rica Essay

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Topic one: Equitable Distribution of MedicinesThe Universal declaration of Human Rights indicates that the access to health care is one of the most basic human rights. People should have equal access to medical treatment, pharmaceutical products and medical facilities. However, in many developing countries, the social health care system is not benefitting their people. The process of medicine production-distribution circulation becomes more and more complicated, which directly cause the unaffordable price of medicine. Even in some developed countries like United States, without health insurance, it is hard for people to pay for their medical expenses.Costa Rica has one of the best health care system in Latin America. Many countries have not update their National Medical Policies in the past five year. In Costa Rica, both public and private health systems are constantly being upgraded-new hospitals, new equipment, and improvements in staff training. The health care system is formed by public health systems- Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS), and private health care-Clinica Biblica, Hospital CIMA, and Hospital La Catolica. Because of Costa Rica's high ranking healthcare, people have equal access to medicine and other medical facilities at most of time. [1: "Costa Rica." - Health Care. N.p., 21 Feb. 2012. Web. 7 Nov. 2013. <>.]There are plenty of cases can show that the high price of medicine keep people from getting equal right of health. To improve this situation and achieve the four concepts of consistently available medicines-Affordable prices, sustainable and adequate financing, and reliable health care and supply systems, we need to change the medicine circulation system from the root. [2: "Access to Affordable Essential Medicines." N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Nov. 2013. <>.]First, the supply system needs to be improved in many developing countries. When the supply transcends need, the price will decrease naturally. However, most developing countries are focusing on the development of industry and economy. Their medicines rely on importation. In order to make profits, the large pharmaceutical companies in other countries sell medicines in a high price. Government could subsidize local medicine companies, encourage people to buy medicine that produced locally, and starts some medical research program in universities to attract more people who have talent in this field.Secondly, the lack of competence in the final segment of medicine distribution also causes high price. In many countries, hospital's pharmacies not only sells prescription drugs. And people are used to buying medicine in hospital after they see doctors. To avoid this situation, there should be added more private retail stores. The competence between private stores and hospital pharmacies could hold the medicine price reasonable. At the same time, the government should also enhance the...

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662 words - 3 pages airfare by avoiding domestic traveling through airlines and go for inexpensive bus or taxi. Visit the supermarket there for shopping grocery items or snacks at local rates. This Central American country has a good reputation for its eco-tourism which is praised for luxury vacation tour plans. Costa Rica holiday rentals can also be possible for the travelers who want to discover Costa Rica on a budget. Yes, apartment or villa rentals are low

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5106 words - 20 pages growth in tourism is the product of specific growth within the ecotourism sector, since that is the kind of tourism for which Costa Rica is known. That point is substantiated by results from a survey conducted by the ICT (Costa Rican Institute of Tourism) during the peak travel season of 1986, when nearly 75% of tourists who were interviewed indicated that they had come to Costa Rica primarily because of its natural beauty. 36% stated that they had

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1050 words - 5 pages by no means unsuccessful in his early years in Costa Rica. Early on he had the entrepreneurial sense to capitalize on his labor force, deciding to plant bananas along the railway to sell to his workers (Chapman 30). This proved to be a valuable asset for Keith, who decided to go into business with Gustav Frank, a Panamanian banana grower. Using the boats he was given by the Costa Rican government for building the railroad, Minor began making small

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2681 words - 11 pages classic liberalism for example in the form of the feudal Coffee Baron club. We would have to regress to Costa Rica´s beginnings to explain how it came to this point: It was dominated by poor Spaniards who´s equivocated aspiration for wealth acquisition in gold was rather replaced by agriculture as the primary industry as Costa Rica did not have extensive gold reserves.  Subsequently there were co-combining factors which saw Costa Rica remain as

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2822 words - 12 pages currently the most successful country economically in regards to ecotourism. One of the main reasons is because Costa Rica's ecotourism industry has been very careful to avoid this pitfall. They have protected their money very well, but many are concerned that as the industry grows Costa Rica may run into businessmen who want a part of the action. Costa Rica must be cautious as many countries, particularly in Africa, have fallen victim to

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1474 words - 6 pages Costa Rica is a progressive country with a government and people who place importance on social, environmental, and economic dimensions of sustainable developmental programs that benefit a global way of thinking. The culture fosters social peace. The judicial system is based on the Spanish civil code. The judicial review of legislative acts is entrusted to the Supreme Court Costa Rican’s are a heterogeneous population mix with the predominant

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1247 words - 5 pages , plastics, chemicals, textiles, adhesives, cosmetics, bricks, cement and wood products. Education Everything in San Jose shows clearly that Costa Ricans are a highly literate people : the country boasts of 93% literacy in those 10 years or over, the most literate population in Central America. Many of the country’s early fathers like the first president, Jose Maria Castro, were former teachers who were concerned about the education in Costa Rica. In

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1102 words - 5 pages process of state formation as it refers to the Republic of Costa Rica. Anyone who possesses a cursory understanding of the Costa Rican case has no doubt heard of the so-called Costa Rican Exceptionalism. It has been the term used to both summarize and explain the dissonances and divergences between the formation of the state in Costa Rica and the rest of Central America. The purpose of this essay is to attempt to explain this Exceptionalism through a

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2573 words - 10 pages levels of pollution found throughout nations. It is a growing problem, occurring at both the national and community level. Women in Costa Rica are shown to be facing difficulties with ecotourism. Debt-for-nature investment has proven to be ineffective for women in Costa Rica. There are women who do not receive significant benefit returns. They are faced with high interest rates, lower wages, and strenuous work. It seems that in this case

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3706 words - 15 pages "Impact of sustainable tourism on Costa Rica"A literature reviewTable of ContentsAbstract………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 1-2Introduction…&hellip

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2084 words - 8 pages throughout the region and are on display in several museums in San Jose.The Indians gave Columbus gold and he returned to Europe with reports of a plentiful supply of the yellow metal. But the adventurers who arrived to cash in found only hostile Indians, swamps and disease for their trouble. Several early attempts to colonize the Atlantic coast failed for the same reasons and for almost half a century Costa Rica was passed over while colonization

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845 words - 4 pages , to celebrate the holiday. Another important holiday is Independence Day, which is September 15, when Costa Rica gained freedom from Spain. April 11 is Juan Santamaria Day, when they commemorate the national hero who fought against William Walker at the battle of Rivas in 1856. People The population of Costa Rica is 4.805 million. Spanish is the official language, but people there also speak English. The official religion is Roman Catholicism

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