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Who Does Immigration Affect? Essay

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Immigration affects citizens who live in the United States as well as immigrants who come to the United States. There are positive and negative affects of immigration. One negative result is that many immigrants take away jobs from native workers. Nevertheless, many Americans benefit from that because Americans perform jobs that are very difficult and low-paying. Immigration also affects refugees who come to the United States because they can not get the job they want. However, one positive outcome is that many immigrants gradually acquire good and payable jobs.Native workers without a high school education have seen their wages fall because of competition by the lower-skilled new immigrants. According to one of the researcher, Moore Sullivan, studies show that for each immigrant who entered the United States (between 1960-1977), 0.93 natives were unemployed. In addition, most immigrants and Americans who did not complete their high school education are likely to work in specific areas of the economy such as "manufacturing and "service industries." Moreover, migration in to California affected the earnings of less educated natives in 1970. For example, many African and Hispanic Americans who dropped out of school, made salary of only $45 to $76 a week, because of immigration. All these statistics show that immigration has more negative impact on minorities than on White Americans. Thus, because of their educational background, immigrants had low incomes that further lead to poverty.However, many Americans benefit from immigrant labor. It permits many goods and services to be produced for cheaper costs. Also, immigrants gave their working power to many businesses. For instance, "immigration helped to build and maintain America's textile and agricultural industries" (Overall U.S. Economy Gains From immigration, But it's costly to some states and Localities May17, 1997). In addition, jobs like garment workers, home attendants, service workers and others are occupied by immigrants. Therefore, Americans benefit because they have more opportunities to get better jobs with good working environments and high salaries. According to National Academy Press of 1970, new immigrants' wages were 17 percent lower than the native workers and in 1990 immigrants were paid 32 percent less than the native workers. This proves that the more immigrants arrived to the United States, the more native workers wages may increase by 15%.It is difficult for foreigners to find a job that would satisfy and please them. One of the biggest obstacles for immigrants is the language barrier. Many foreign doctors, lawyers and professors have language barrier when they come to the United States. Therefore, they can not get a good job in the U.S. For instance, the article "Language is a huge Obstacle to an...

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