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We All Take Things For Granted Helen Keller is a very recognized author throughout the world. Not only did she have to deal with the competition of other authors, but she also had to deal with a great handicap. At the age of nineteen months, she developed an illness that claimed her ability to hear, see, and speak. With her self-determination and help from a great teacher, Anne Sullivan, Helen developed the ability to read Braille, lips, and even speak. After educating herself Helen began writing everything from poetry to a book about her life struggle. In the short story "Three Days to See" Helen tells us how she became frustrated by the people that visited her. She tells about them coming in and saying how they "saw nothing in particular," after being in the woods for hours. She was very distraught by the fact that someone could see things of beauty, and not benefit from the experience. She began to think what she would do if she were given the gift of sight for just three short days. With this thought she came up with this agenda: On the first day she would pursue life's simple pleasure's, like looking into the eyes of her worthy dog, or visiting the many friends that took the time to visit her. She would stay up late and see the beauty of the sunset falling over the horizon. The second day would consist of man made beauties, such as going to art galleries to see the master pieces that she could only read about.Finally, she would stop at the theatre so she could see the works of art she read about put into motion. On the third and final day she would go to the busy streets and witness how the average person spends their life. She wanted to see the busy ways of the businessmen on 5th Avenue and the factory workers of the suburbs. When sight is put into terms of time you can see that there is no time to waste. Everyday of our lives we awake to the annoying sound of an alarm clock, roll over, open our eyes, and find the snooze button. Never thinking twice about what a gift that is in itself. There are things in our lives that we do with ease that are the everyday struggle of others. Things that we hate doing could be the greatest joy of others, if they were only given the chance. We tend to take many simple gifts in life for granted.Could you imagine what it must be like to depend on people to help you go to the bathroom, or wash your hair? We get out of bed and brush our teeth without thinking about it. Handicapped people have to deal with simple tasks, one step at a time, everyday of their lives. Some use wheel chairs and have to use elevators or ramps wherever they go. Others have to be spoon fed, or driven around in a bus. Those people will never know what its like to catch a winning touchdown pass, or run through a field with the wind blowing through their hair.Take an average day in your life and compare it to that of a handicapped person.Starting at breakfast, we talk to our friends about the things that happened yesterday or...

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