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Who Has The Most Impact On Illegal Immigration Policy?

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Immigration reform has become one of the most popular and controversial topics in politics today. Issues within the immigration reform include things like border security, deportation, creating a pathway for citizenship, benefits given to illegal immigrants, and how actions taken for or against these immigrants will affect our nation’s economy. So who has the most power to influence the lawmakers who are in charge of coming up with solutions to our immigration problems? Is it the public’s opinion, special interest groups, or our political parties? In my opinion, special interest groups have more impact on immigration policy than the public’s opinion or political parties. They hold so much ...view middle of the document...

Other members of the technology sector lobbying on this issue include the Consumer Electronics Association, Intel, Facebook, and Hewlett-Packard.” Obviously, these numbers are huge and in a society that it centered on money, it comes with a lot of influence and power- a power that seems to give them a pull in governmental decisions in comparison to political parties and public opinion.

Another reason that special interest groups have so much power is that they spend most of their time performing lobbying activities. A lobbyist is “an activist who seeks to persuade members of the government (like members of Congress) to enact legislation that would benefit their group” (Cooper, para. 1). Special interest groups put a great deal of time and effort into hiring lobbyists to represent their group and their cause in front of a public official who has the power to make policy decisions. Lobbying is very effective in implementing social policy, but it can also be a manipulative way to get things done. Lobbyists working with special interest groups and corporations are often contract lobbyists, meaning that they are temporarily hired to market the group’s concerns and proposals in hopes of getting legislation passed in their favor. Typically, lobbyists have an extensive background in government that includes connection to many important public officials. By hiring a lobbyist, you are hiring someone to advocate on your behalf to a powerful government official that chances are, has already made deals with your lobbyist before. An example of a lobbying affecting immigration is actually from a current example involving private prison’s lobbying to keep the practice up of putting people in jail and/or prison for breaking immigration laws; states, “Private prison corporations, especially CCA and GEO,...

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