Who Am I And How Do I Know This.

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I have asked myself a question, in which I have found numerous and surprising answers too. Have you ever wondered who you are and what makes you special? Have you ever traveled that road of self discovery, to see, to learn, and finally to know who you really are? Well, I will be making this journey of self discovery to learn of the person that hides in the shadows of my mind and soul. In making this journey I will also know what others think of me and see me as. Am I good, bad, loving, and honest? I won't know just yet, but we will uncover these hidden truths that I have never really paid no mind too and also to the maybe not so pleasant truth of what others think of me. I can only hope that there is a common ground in which society and I agree upon. So let us begin this experiment of self discovery.I am a person of dreams and aspirations. I can also be someone of unending compassion for others. These things I know to be true because they are part of me. My dreams are things that no person can ever take away from me and in them I can be what ever I want, be who ever I choose, and have anything that I desire. The same thing goes for my aspirations, but they do differ for they are my beacons of light in a dark stormy night. They are the ones who will lead me to be that real entity that will truly exist in this life. As for my unending compassion for others I know that this will always be a part of me. There is never a time that goes by that I am not giving to the needy or supporting a charity with the very little contributions that I do provide them with to achieve their mission. The need for others in me is great. Helping my fellow man in what ever it is that I can has always filled my life with happiness. This is something that I will do for as long as I live. These are things I know to be true.On the other side of the spectrum are things that I believe I posses. I feel that I am responsible. I hope that I am honest. I pray that I am full of love to give all who surround me. This list can go on forever, for these things are wishful thinking. Why? Well these are impressions of ones self, things that my only come to light once, if lucky maybe twice. These impressions are not rules by which we live by. We can try to fool ourselves, but that is all they are, impressions. I can try to be a honest person, but will I always be? Of course not, I am not perfect, but I will try to live by certain rules that bind us all. A...

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1310 words - 5 pages able to accomplish goals that were just once a vision in my imagination. My parents have always encouraged, set positive affirmations and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. My father is a man of many titles he is and will always be the hardest workingman I know. He stops a nothing to secure the best for his family. When I think of my father I think of his unconditional love and how grateful I am that he had plays such a key role in

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505 words - 2 pages offer. I am funny, weird, messy, and unpredictable; but I am also very passionate, stubborn, determined, friendly, clever, and really sharp. Despite the fact that I do not believe your environment changes that which you are, I do believe that it shapes who you will become. I know that I will succeed in my life, but only to a certain degree. With the chance to prove myself, I know that there is no limit to how much I can learn, and what I can accomplish, given the opportunity to thrive in this environment.

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787 words - 3 pages father is a very educated person, and when it comes to wanting to learn, he greatly influenced me. Because of his impact on my decisions, I have recently graduated from high school and enrolled in college. I am also skilled in the area of music, as I know hoe to play both the piano and the flute, and do so willingly during my free time. Likewise, I am clever when it comes to language, for I know how to read, write, and speak fluently both in

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