Who Helped Who In World War Two?

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We live in a world where heart disease is the number one killer in America (Office of Information Services). Every year more then 600,000 people die of heart disease, “that’s one in every four deaths” (Centers For Disease Control). How do we stop such a horrible disease? What could possibly be done to lower the rates of heart disease? The movie Forks Over Knives looks at this very question and has found that the best way to fight heart disease is with an all plant-based diet. While this movie does bring great points as to why a plant based diet helps to stop heart disease, some of the claims are overly generalized and do not take into account the many different factors that effect their ...view middle of the document...

My biggest issue with this claim is that red meat is not even the biggest cause of heart disease. “Smoking is a leading cause of heart disease” (Smoking and Heart Disease and Stroke.). Logically if Germany came in and took everything from a Norway, including cigarettes. The rates for heart disease would decrease drastically. Another issue with this claim is that it does not state what happens after World War Two. I ask this because consumption of red meat would have gone back to normal; that would bring back the rates of heart disease. Now lets say consumption went back to normal. It would have taken weeks, even years for that same damage to return from meat. “[A] Study from England showed that large amounts of red meat can produce genetic damage to colon cells in …a few weeks” (Red Meat and Colon Cancer). However that would not be the same for cigarettes since the effects of smoking are almost immediate, and “…smoking prevalence peaked in the 1940s and 1950s at approximately 67%” (American Lung Association). There may be more to the reason of why heart disease went down during that time.
In all honesty the point that the filmmakers are trying to prove is quite frankly irrelevant to the issue. The reason being is that they study the effects of a disease during an extreme case and tried to use it in a normal setting. It is as if you study the affects on drinking while driving, while in the rain, and while all your brakes fail at the same time. Sure a very good argument can be made as to why drinking while driving is a very idiotic and a dangerous idea, however it must be noted that this study was done under too extreme conditions to evaluate. Had this study been done during the height of lets say the Hippie movement, where everyone was eating an all plant based diet, then this argument would have held more weight in my opinion. Unfortunately the director decided to study a highly irregular scenario. The amount of other factors that can attribute to a lack of heart disease related deaths including the increased suicide rates could have easily contributed to the lack of deaths by heart disease (Henderson et al). It just seems that the director blatantly ignored the other potential issues. It is as if the study was on for example concentration camps. Yea sure the prisoners were eating a mostly plant based diet (if that is what we want to call...

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