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Who I Think Should Be The Next President

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Who I Think Should be the Next President
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Currently our nation is having a hard time choosing whom to elect for our next President. There are certain issues, in my opinion, that point me towards Presidential Candidate Al Gore. Al Gore would make a promising President because of his background in politics, and I prefer his standing on education and abortion to the other possible contenders. He grew up with strong family values and has been involved in politics his entire life. Because Gore understands that our nation has problems with education and abortion, he developed many new programs to help each issue. Gore is a devoted man whom has high goals for the United States of America. In my opinion Al Gore is the ideal president for this nation, and I believe he can make things happen.
Before making a firm decision to make this man President of our country, I imagine it would be appropriate to investigate his background a little more in depth. Al Gore was born on March 31, 1948 at the Columbia Hospital for Women in Washington (Turque 4). Gore grew up in Nashville, Tennessee where his father was a congressional representative (Turque 4). His whole life he was surrounded by politics, and since he was a little boy he dreamed of becoming President (Turque 19). He had a great childhood and his parents taught him to be the best that he could be. In 1970 Gore was shipped to South Vietnam to serve his country. On the other hand George W. Bush, Gore’s opponent, never served in a war. Instead, Bush became the head cheerleader at Phillips Academy in Andover Massachusetts (Minutaglio 185). So the question is, who do you think is more suitable to run our country? I believe I would choose a man who was a war hero over a man who was cheerleader. Gore was always devoted to his country and this “propelled [him] to the House of Representatives at 28 and the Senate at 36 – and the hubris that made him a presidential candidate before he was 40”(Minutaglio 5). Vice President Gore and President Clinton “were packaged as political buddies” in 1992 (Minutaglio 218). They became good friends, and Al Gore ran alongside Clinton during the last two presidential elections in the United States. “Clinton appreciated Gore’s loyalty, including his often spirited introduction”(Minutaglio 224). Gore has a strong, fulfilling history and an even more promising future. Al Gore would be a good choice for President, and hopefully America can count correctly so that this will eventually happen.
If a person handed you a key to success, you can almost be sure it would include handing you a college degree. Education is very important to our society; it links to higher paying jobs, crime, and our economy (Sahr 1). The United States education system is the “leader in higher education of its citizens” throughout the world (Krukebery 7). Presidential candidate Al Gore, who is a Democratic, has many interesting things...

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