Who I Am: Four Ideas To Write About Myself

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There are many subjects, experiences, and opinions that make us all different. For this essay I chose four ideas to write about that make me who I am; dreams, choices, identities, and stories. So here it goes…
Who am I? I am a person, just like everyone else. I have emotions, I breathe, and I live. Though there is something about each person that makes us unique. That something is our dreams; our dreams to do something great, our dreams to be something great, and our dreams to live a life that is great. Those dreams take us to new places. Also they make us meet new people. So what is my dream? Well I have many dreams.
A dream of mine is to become a concert pianist. Over the years of playing the piano, I found out that piano is the one thing that makes me smile. It fills me with joy every time I play it. Like how everyone has one thing that ties in with their identities, piano ties in with mine. One day I hope to become a master at it, like Bach or Mozart. Though it is years of practice to play like them. So I have other dreams to accomplish in the mean time.
Another dream is too major biology. I want to become a doctor, so I am trying to get my bachelors in biology. The human body and the science of it all fascinate me. I love learning about the functions of different organs and basically everything that makes up the body. Also I can’t wait to learn about the different diseases and how to treat them. Though, it takes approximately eight years to become a doctor.
While being a pianist and a doctor takes a lot of years, another dream of mine is to learn how to sew. A couple years ago my parents bought me a sewing machine. I make a various amount of things from pursues to pillows. Unfortunately, I do not know how to sew properly. My goal is to have the good enough skills to make clothing. It all started when I was little; my favorite television show was about a girl who loved to make clothes. The television show inspired me to one day design my own clothes. I hope to achieve this dream over the summer by taking classes.
I do have many other dreams, but dreams don’t make up a person completely. The other topic I chose was choices.
Every choice we make completely alters us. Ever hear of karma? It states that every choice or decision we make has a consequence. There for the consequences of a decision, could either be beneficial or non-beneficial/good or bad.
I choose this topic because our choices change us. It changes our life for better or worse. For example; you could study for a chemistry test that could get you a satisfying grade that you need for your degree. Or you could spend the entire weekend goofing off. Either of those...

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