Who I Really Am: A Personal Statement On Facebook

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This May Be My Last Time – I don’t know / So this is for you to KNOW!
I often skim down my timeline and many things that I share here publicly on Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, and surely and other social media network that I have access to. It’s never my intention to do so when my fingers start walking across this keyboard. I always trust it was God’s will that for whatever reason whatever will be coming through from my fingertips will be used for His Glorification at the “End Result”. Before I share what I’m about to I’ve got to take a minute and talk a little bit about me from me... I’m often misunderstood, I can vividly see why many misunderstand me; I would probably misunderstand me too, looking from outside the box point of view. There is one thing that I feel the very important need to make known. Just to briefly sum it up for you. It hasn’t been not too much over a year ago when I would consume on the average at least a pint of straight liquor every single day, anybody that knows me can tell you about drug consumption and me, many would call me a hateful stuck up brat I’m sure… It really heated things up in the kitchen a little over a month ago when my own mother made a statement referring to me as a know it all; quickly my temper flared. Let me tell you just some very intimate facts about McCoy before I share a personal event that in which most definitely NOT any of my choice to share with anybody especially the social media publicity. For starters, a know it all, surely wouldn’t have dropped out of high school with only 1 more year left, seriously who does that? Yeah, that’s me. Many people pay such close attention to physical appearance, I’ll be sure to upload some of these yearbook pictures for your humor. I had already made 2 suicide attempts during the time I was in high school; and one of them I almost succeeded. I could care Less about has here been living such a sad life as the person I saw in the mirror every day. Never have had a high self-esteem. So of course I did what any other person who has been in a similar situation would have done and that was any and everything I could possibly find to do to distract me from seeing who I saw in the mirror. You could hurt my feelings with nothing more than the way you looked at me in my passing and I would lay down that night trying to figure out what I could do so that people wouldn’t hate me or anything to make me even remotely blend in with the rest of my peers. Had the me back then be reading this very post I would be sharing in the pain just from imagining the situation. Of course it’s not human nature to put yourself out there as the sensitive person that you are if you know that it’s only going to make you even more pathetic than you actually were before… There is a part of me even now thinking… (Dude, you were pretty pathetic) What kid in this century walks around with a big ole granny bible at his side in the TH grade? Yeah, guilty as charged. Of course I had...

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