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An Architect
An architect is a licensed professional whose job involves planning and designing buildings, bridges and other structures. Architects also work with other professionals, such as landscape architects, engineers, urban planners, and interior designers when designing a structure. Professionals working in the field may specialize in a particular type of building, such as residences, or in a specific area of the field, such as drafting or construction project management, landscape architecture.
Architects design commercial buildings, homes and structures that meet the needs of clients for appearance, safety, comfort, budget and compliance with government regulations. The design includes plans for heating and ventilation, electrical, plumbing and air conditioning systems. Architects may also work with clients to evaluate construction bids and choose contractors. During the construction phase of a building project, architects may monitor the work to ensure that the contractor follows the design, uses the correct materials and meets the construction schedule. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, architects must have a professional degree in architecture, experience in the field and pass the Architect Registration Examination to work in the field.
Architectural drafters work with architects and engineers to create the drawings used in a building design and plan. Drafters usually work under the supervision of an architect and use tools such as computer-aided design and drafting software to create the drawings. Drafters specializing in architecture may need a bachelor’s degree to qualify for a position. While there are no bachelor’s degree programs in architectural drafting, students may complete coursework in mathematics, engineering and architecture to qualify for a position. Associate’s degree programs in drafting include coursework in computer-aided design and drafting software.
Project Manager
Professional architects may work as a construction project manager, who oversees the construction after the design phase of a building project. The project manager makes management decisions on changes in the building project; manages contractors; and ensures that a construction project remains on schedule and budget. Construction project managers usually have training and education as an architect and a minimum of 10 years' experience in construction.
Landscape Architects
Landscape architects design outdoor areas, such as parks, golf courses, playgrounds and residential communities. Architects determine the locations for plants, flowers, trees, fountains, buildings, roads and sidewalks. Landscape architects may specialize in a type of area, such as parks or shopping centers. Some landscape architects work to restore historic areas or protect the environment, and they may prepare environmental impact statements for construction projects. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, landscape architects must have a bachelor’s or...

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