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Who Is Benjamin Franklin? Essay

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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin seem to prove to everyone how articulate, intelligent and sophisticated this man was. He wrote about the trials he underwent to become the writer he is known as today. He even was so intelligent he sought out to publish in his autobiography what virtues would have you “arriving at the door of moral perfection” (90). He wanted to show everyone that becoming perfect wasn't as arduous as everyone had thought. Benjamin Franklin was true Renaissance Man born at a different time period, Non-Religious and he indeed was being a sharp-witted mind that believed slavery was inhumane. Benjamin Franklin’s three personality traits that he exhibits are exhibited in Frederick Douglass.
The first trait these two men exhibit was being Renaissance Men. They both excel at everything they attempted to do. Franklin was good at being a Scientist, Writer, Inventor, Postmaster and Sailor (84). This made him a man worth looking up to with honor. Frederick Douglass as well was good at being an Author, Orator, Abolitionist, Human Rights/Women Right’s Activist, Journalist and Social Reformer. They were both showed the same characteristics as well, always trying to succeed in what they did. Ultimately they both wrote autobiographies of their life experiences. Their contributions to America has also been another good thing they were good at. They fought against slavery, (even though Franklin did indeed own two slaves himself), and thought is was inhumane to treat others like animals instead of an individual.
The second trait these two men exhibit would be them being Non-Religious. Benjamin Franklin doesn't in any of his writings really relate anything to God. He believed that being Religious was impractical unless it promoted virtuous behavior (93). He did believe Jesus was possibly the best moral teacher ever lived, but he didn’t see him being God. Frederick Douglass believed in...

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