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"Heroes aren't born, they're made" (MegaMind 2010). This quote is the perfect way to describe King Arthur. The stories of King Arthur have been passed down for centuries. He is a huge figure it literature and his stories have impacted many people. What if that is it? What if it is all just stories. History has provided us with much evidence that he is real. We also have a lot of counter evidence as we'll. So, who exactly was King Arthur and is he a hero born, or just made up?
Arthur, a Celtic king who was born of deceit and adultery, became one of the most famous rulers of Britain. He was a warrior, knight and king who killed giants, witches and monsters on many dangerous adventures. He is ...view middle of the document...

Arthur was named the new king. (History)
During his reign, Arthur managed to unite Britain and drive off the invading Saxons. He became a benevolent and loved king. He was known for its heroic deeds and chivalric romance. Arthur's greatest quest, with the help of his Knights, is the quest for the mythical Holy Grail. The Holy Grail is the cup Jesus drank from at the Last Supper. While King Arthur never found the Holy Grail himself, his knight Sir Galahad did because he was pure at heart.
King Arthur married Guinevere, daughter of the King of Scotland. Merlin tried to warn him against the marriage because he knew that Guinevere was secretly in love with Sir Lancelot, one of Arthur's knights (King Arthur: History & Legend). When Arthur had discovered that his wife and Sir Lancelot were having an affair, Sir Lancelot left for France and King Arthur went after him. While he was gone, Arthur's nephew Mordred took over power. When Arthur returned to Britain there was a horrible battle, through which most of his knights died and he was very badly wounded. He then threw Excalibur into a lake, and boarded a boat for the magical Isle of Avalon (Death and Burial). It is said that he is still alive there waiting for his wounds to be healed so that he can return back to Camelot and once again lead his people. This is why, Arthur is called "the once and future king." (In Search of Myths...

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