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Who Is Mostly To Blame For Eva Smith's Death? Write An Essay About Who Is Mostly To Blame For Eva Smith's Death. Essay

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Who is mostly to blame for Eva Smith’s death?
There are many reasons for the death of Eva Smith. The
Birlings and Gerald pushed Eva Smith closer to suicide
but no one person was entirely responsible for her death. It was not
only the Birling's that contributed to Eva Smith's death but her
position in the world she was in, she was very poor and low in society.
Mr Birling was the first person who we were led to believe started off
the train of events that led to the death of Eva Smith. I don't
believe that Mr Birling did anything that ultimately push Eva to
commit suicide the only thing he did was sack her from his factory
after she started to demand higher wages and getting
the other girls in the factory to go on strike. Most men in his
position at the time would have done the same. Mr Birling said to the inspector,
'She had a lot to say far too much so she had to go´.
Although I don't think that Mr Birling did anything really wrong
With the Eva Smith case he does not come off well throughout the script as he
shows himself up a number of times because of his personality. The
major fault in his personality is that he seems to show no remorse for
Eva and his son Eric is annoyed by this. He seems to be a very hard
man, and shows no regret for sacking Eva which led to her death.
Sheila was the second person that the Inspector turned on and her part
in the run up to Eva's death shows her in an bad light as she
turned on Eva because she was jealous of her. Sheila wrongfully used
her position as an important customer to turn Eva out of a job. She
even admits, 'it was my own fault´, and that she 'was in a furious
temper´. She was jealous of Eva describing her as a 'very pretty girl
too - with big dark eyes´.
Although her actions show her to be a bad tempered and jealous person you get the impression as she begins to talk that that is quite a harsh view of her and that although she does have bad characteristics she isn’t really as bad as you first think her to be.
She shows herself to be honest admitting straight away all that she
had done, that she caught sight of her smiling at the assistant and 'I
was furious with her´.
Gerald was the third person to sit in the hot seat. Gerald must
of felt differently towards Eva than Mr Birling or Sheila because he
knew her in person, not as Eva Smith but as Daisy Renton, who was his
mistress, for a while until it was no longer convenient for him. I
think that Gerald considered himself as Eva's saviour. He says that
she 'gave me a glance that was nothing more than a cry for help´. I
believe that he did genuinely care for Eva but he didn't love her as...

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