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The Workplace Health and Safety Act was made to basically to improve health and safety in Victoria. It is like a guideline that helps to ensure health and safety of the people in the workplace. The Act provides statements of goals that relates to the roles and responsibilities of every workplace. It includes very important information of the key principles, duties and rights of any anyone conducting a business or undertaking. There are also Regulations that are made under the Act which identifies the duties procedures, how it should be carried out and the administrative matters. For example, the requirement of a license in order to do an activity and documentation recording. In order to ...view middle of the document...

They must also give an induction to the workers within the department about the health and safety requirements. Team leaders' roles are to provide workers with sufficient supervision, assistance and enough information to make sure that they are properly trained. They must make sure that the health and safety practices are well developed and maintained by making sure that work is carried out following the requirements. They must make sure the workers behaviour does not create a risk to health and safety of the surrounding people. Importantly, every team leader should make sure that any accidents, injuries and near misses are not to be ignored. They should be reported immediately to avoid it from happening again. They need to identify and document any hazards.

Persons conducting businesses or undertakings (PCBUs) or officers are RMIT's contractors. PCBUs are the people who provides goods or services such as cafe operators, IT professionals, administrators, cleaner, etc. These PCBUs also need to follow RMIT's health and safety requirements. They will also need to receive an induction in order to understand their roles and responsibilities. They need to guarantee that the health and safety of everyone is not put at risk as part of the conduct of the business or undertaking. Therefore, either the good or service that they provide must not harm anyone. They must be legally responsible of any accidents in relation...

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