Who Is Smarter Boys Or Girls

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A common controversial topic is the debatable question – who is smarter men or women? This question has been roaming around for a while with numerous scientific researches attempting to come up with an answer. The question is still left unanswered. However, in today’s society, it’s been proven that women are more successful in education than men.
In this modern age where education is the gateway to success, women have surpassed men in academic assessment scores. Girls have “outperformed boys by 0.9 points [in reading scores]” and are climbing up to close the gap in math and science (Bauerlein and Stotsky; Brooks). It shows that girls are spending more time trying to achieve success while boys are floundering. Furthermore, in Bauerlein and Stotsky essay, they prove the evidence above by the drastic declination in book reading in overall but more extreme by boys with their rates “plummeting from 55 percent to 43 percent” while girls reading rates decreased from “63 percent to 59 percent”. This shows that boys are not focusing on reading or building their intellects in the way that girls are. Women are building successful future by spending time on activities like reading that will help enhance their intelligence.
To pursue further, women are progressing and graduating college at a faster rate than men. After governing post secondary education until the late 1970s, men in America are now getting 25 percent less Bachelor degrees than women (Hulbert). This is even common between ethnic groups like African Americans. Hulbert is showing that women have more willpower to be successful and have higher expectations than men when it comes to education. Also, as projected by the Department of Education, for every 142 women graduating college, there will be 100 men graduating, and the expectations for women to remain in college and pursue Professional/Graduate degrees exceed that of men with a 42.3 percent for women against a 29.4 percent for men (Brooks; Hulbert). With the higher degrees those women are earning, they are guaranteed to find the highest paying jobs and bring them up the social...

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