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Who Is Talking To Your Children Online?

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Each time children log onto the internet, they are coming into contact with adults with malicious and often dangerous intents. The parents of this generation may have only recently started using the internet. Children, on the other hand, are starting young. With children often having secret passwords and hidden privacy settings, parents are often unaware of the danger their children are in while they are online. Only a fraction of parents actively monitor their children’s activity when they are on the internet. Also, most children and teens are not only willing to share personal information online, a sizable percentage are also willing to meet up with strangers they have met online. The danger this puts them in is immense.

The majority of North American parents do not supervise their children while they are online. There are simple ways to do this, but it is not being done. One of the easiest ways for parents to know what their children are doing online is by checking their internet history. Most children do not bother to delete their history, and it can be accessed by finding the settings of the internet, and selecting the “history” button. Some may not consider this a way to monitor their children’s computer usage, but malware and virus protection software is a great tool to have. It protects the computer from software, pictures, and videos children may download that could be potentially harmful to the computer. The final method to make sure children are safe online is with the use of blocking. Parents can block dangerous and inappropriate chat rooms and websites from a computer. It takes a bit more work, but it guarantees that children won’t see anything or talk to anyone they are not supposed to. These small changes can make a child or teenager infinitely safer on the internet, and it is imperative that they are done.

The internet can be used for many different things. One popular use is connecting with people. These people could be friends from school, relatives, and sometimes even strangers. About 13% of all Canadian 2nd to 3rd graders have admitted to chatting with someone they don’t know online. Of that 13%, three quarters of them say they share personal information with those strangers. This could be anything from their real name, age, or their...

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