Who Is The Blame For Poor Music

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Since the revolution of entertainment, the desire to be accepted has increased tremendously. People are fighting to feel a part of their communities even if that means dancing in a specific way or to a particular genre of music. Everyone has that one song that they call their favorite. Is that because of their relation to the song? Or because the song is good compared to other songs that’s been heard? Music is- in ways that are considered general and evenhanded- good or bad. There are a variety of claims that can benefit the good behind music, but who do we blame for the poor being produced or that has been created? Many people delete a bad song and search for something better, never taking ...view middle of the document...

The content of music has never changed. Sex and drugs were topics that were always included in Operas and Symphonies. Now, the topics are openly exposed in different genres such as rap and R&B. For decades, people were comfortable with the topic on sex and drugs being camouflaged. That has changed with present day music because it is more in your face being that music can be recorded freely.
But who do we blame for the spread of poor music? Is it the music industry or the people that are buying bad music? It does not take much to please the public, and music producers in the music industry are aware of this. They know that all any music producer ever needs is an attractive person with a unique personality to create a hit song. As fans of popular music, people believe that music producers look for the best singer, when in reality they look for the best fit appearance for their next song. I blame the music industry for the spread of bad music. The people spend their money on the music with the intent that it will be good to listen to. The producers, on the other hand, know that the music is bad before it hits the store’s CD shelves.
Oddly, majority of singers with good music have bad self-portraits displayed publicly throughout their videos. Whereas, poor music is sung by someone that appears to have more respect for themselves. Where does that leave those with self-respect and good publicly displayed self-portraits? They are unrecognized because they leave the public with nothing to criticize or complain about. Everyone is focused on how good a song is or how disappointed they are in a good artist with a bad album. Beyoncé’s new album would be a prime example of a “good artist with a bad album”. Beyoncé’s last album flopped so she figured that if she made her new album “Beyoncé” about nothing but sex, she could win her fans back over. The album was not what the public expected, and the music videos added on to the crowd’s disappointment. I personally believe that the way Beyoncé made this album was completely out of her character. Her music usually tells a life story and gives me something to relate to, but this album left me shocked and I am positive other downloaders of the album feel the same way. Those who would oppose my opinion probably think that the...

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