Who Is The Inspector? Essay

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Who is the inspector?
In this following essay I will discuss who the inspector is and his role in the story. At first appears as a regular police inspector who is however rude and out of line but by the end of the play everything changes. Throughout the play he interrogates the Birlings and the Birlings for a crime they didn't even know they committed. However it is more likely that he is a ghost or a paranormal being or perhaps the voice of the author himself J.B Priestley. I will examine the evidence and come to a conclusion on who is the inspector.
Firstly the inspector is likely to be a normal police officer. He makes it very convincing that he is a real one, for example when Mr.Birling ...view middle of the document...

Birling he says think you remember Eva Smith now, don't you, Mr Birling? '' He knew Mr Birling recognised her. He was able to do this not just with Mr Birling but he had also managed to make a connection from her to each person. He then made a connection to Sheila ''they told her she'd have to go'' Sheila was angry'' When I was looking at myself in the mirror I caught sight of her smiling at the assistant, and I was furious with her '' as a result of this Sheila got Daisy Renton/Eva Smith fired .It was supernatural how he could find out about an event that occurred so far back '' at the beginning of December that year nineteen-ten '' It would be extremely difficult for a normal person at the time to find out about all of this. He also made a connection to Eric by him being the father of Eva smith's child and this triggered Eva to go to Mrs Birling's charity where she got turned down and then resorted to suicide. Finally the way he '' disappeared'' at the end of the play was a suggestion that he was a paranormal creature.
The inspector could have been somebody in the town trying to scare them or a rival who wanted to cause a public scandal to ruin the birling's business there is a lot of evidence for that such as the fact that he had many photographs but he didn't let them all see it at the same time Gerald saying '' is there any particular reason I shouldn't see that ?'' and when he shows Sheila a picture only she sees it and her reaction is obvious that she recognizes her and only Sheila can see the photograph. Gerald is the voice of logic and he picks on this first by saying '' How do you know it's the same photograph?'' he is right this could all have been an elaborate hoax which has caused a big panic and Mr Birling says '' And there isn't the slightest proof that this daisy Renton was the same as Eva smith '' and he is right in fact they could have all been different people and there is no relation just a man who picked up a bit of information here and there and put it together all part of a big hoax.
Another explanation given is that Goole is the family's conscience or someone sent to warn the Birlings about their lifestyle and all the different ways in which it affects others, he was sent to change their views before it's too late and the young generation end up like Mr. and Mrs. Birling; for example ''she came to you for help'' and the fact the inspector entered during Mr. Birling's speech about Capitalism he might be there to change their mind.
J.B. Priestley...

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