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Who Is The Most Effective Leader Ralph Or Jack

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Dwanasha DecostaMarch 24, 2013LiteratureTopic: Explore Golding's portrayal of Ralph and Jack as leaders bringing out who he think is more effectiveIn the novel "Lord of the Flies" written by "William Goldings" two of the main characters Ralph and Jack are displayed as leaders. Both leaders have different qualities and also different ways in which they take charge over the boys on the island. A leader is someone who has the ability to take charge and control a group. As the novel goes on one of the boys is more effective than the other.One way in which Golding portrays Ralph and Jack as leader is the way the boys handle situations. Ralph is seen as a good leader with his response to the beastie that the littluns have reported seeing. Unlike Jack who completely dismisses the topic, Ralph listens to what they have to say. This shows he cares for the littluns, by trying to comfort them in their time of fear. Ralph has great character. Ralph is stating that there's no beast. While Jack is stating if they see it they'll kill it and do their dance which is ignorant. "…We'll do our, our dance again…" "We'll Kill It …"Another way in which Golding portrays Ralph and Jack as leaders is the way in which the boys rule over their own camp. In the beginning of the novel Ralph knows that to remain civilized the boys needed stability and order. Ralph created rules to achieve order. Ralph being a democrat knows that all boys should be respected even Piggy, so he tried to defend Piggy at times, which shows that Ralph is a fair leader. Ralph also has the sense to keep his focus on getting off the island with the fire which brought them hope. "Make smoke on the top of the mountain" "You hunters you can laugh! But I tell you smoke is more important than the pig ..." As a leader Ralph possesses the quality of responsibility, he creates shelters for the boys to sleep in,Ralph is ensuring that everyone is safe on the island. Ralph shows his courage and determination to be rescued. While Jack who likes things to go his own way is more of a tyrant, he wants the boys to call him chief showing his power, Jack's rule is to listen to him and obey him. "Maurice and Roger put up their hands … Yes chief…" Jack thinks about the entertainment of hunting the pig, which is fun to the boys but won't help them get rescued. Jack who was also persuasive knew what the boys on the island wanted, so he always hunted and had feast to satisfy their hunger. Jack ruled with fear. Unlike...

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