Who is to Blame for Death in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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Who is to Blame for Death in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Beliefs are rested on the idea that fate killed Romeo and Juliet.
People at this time also believed in arranged marriages. However many
people and things can be considered to have increased the risk of
their deaths therefore who or what is to blame for the deaths of Romeo
and Juliet?

Friar John must take some of the blame for their deaths, as the
failure of the letter reaching Romeo is his fault.

I could not send it- here it is again-

Nor get a messenger to bring it thee, (5.2.15).

Consequently this letter fails to reach Romeo and therefore the lovers
are split, not knowing what is happening and ending up with them both
killing themselves. If this letter had been delivered the couple may
still be alive. However Friar John explains to Friar Laurence that

So fearful were they of infection. (5.2.16).

This tells us that the failure of the letter not reaching Romeo is a
mistake as people are anxious about the infection, which they may
catch. In the play Friar John has a very small role, but nevertheless
must take a part of the blame.

The Prince has to be fair and look at both sides of the arguments,
which take place between the two families this is his job. When the
fight between Mercutio, Tybalt and Romeo breaks out he tells both
sides of the families,

Immediately we do exile him hence (3.1.187)

With Romeo banished for killing Tybalt, this splits the two lovers up.
Without this parting both Romeo and Juliet would probably still be
alive. The decisions, which the Prince makes, are legitimate, he has
to take both views into account. Because Tybalt kills Mercutio, then
Romeo kills Tybalt all three characters are to blame for the two
deaths. Nevertheless due to the fact that Romeo is the only one who is
still alive, he must have a punishment as a desire of the Capulets.
Banishment is a reasonable punishment, without being too harsh, death
is be inappropriate, as Tybalt has killed Romeo's close friend. The
banishment is a major factor in their deaths however the Prince tries
to be fair to everyone.

Tybalt is Lady Capulet's nephew, making him a cousin to Juliet. Tybalt
is always ready to "withdraw"(1.5.90). Tybalt is known by the other
characters as always wanting to fight and is a violent man. When
Tybalt says, "therefore turn and draw"(3.1.66) to Romeo, Romeo refuses
the challenge but Tybalt's aggressive nature pushes him into fighting.
Nevertheless Romeo ends up killing Tybalt, regretting the move he
makes as Benvolio tells him "Stand not amaz'd"(3.1.134). The
catastrophe leads to Romeo's banishment therefore this is one reason
for Romeo and Juliet's deaths. Tybalt's death is another reason
because of his feeling of guilt and with Tybalt passing away Juliet
may have been emotionally hurt,...

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