"Who Is Wearing The Slacks" "Ywain, The Knight Of The Lion" Bravery And Loyalty

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In Cretien de Troyes' Ywain, The Knight of The Lion courtly love displays its affects and cruelty on Lord Ywain. What seems most ironic is that while Lord Ywain is portrayed as such a powerful and dominating character, he chooses to be controlled by Laudine. Not only is he emotionally controlled by his queen, but is physically affected. Even though men were in power of their land and people, the women controlled man emotionally and physically through courtly love.After killing Laudine's lord, Ywain observes how sad Laudine is. In this time period, morning a loved one was foolish and selfish, since being accepted to the afterlife was meant to be praised. Seeing this, Ywain becomes entrapped by Laudine. "With great difficulty my Lord Ywain restrained himself from running out to hold her hands, whatever might happen" (Troyes 22). Knowing that if he approaches Laudine at this time he would be killed, but his heart went out to her wanting to console her. Cretien objectifies Ywain's love by basing his feelings for Laudine through a tiny hole in a window, where he is watching her tear herself apart over her dead lord. Ywain falls in love at first site.Knowing that he needs an item of proof of his adventure to show the others, especially Kay, Ywain is temped to take something of the corpse. He yields to do so, that his heart has become tamed by Laudine. "If he were to have no testimony or proof, he would be shamed…Yet, with sugar and honey-comb the new Love was now taming him" (Troyes 23). As Laudine keeps mourning, Ywain becomes more in love with her. Not knowingly Laudine has complete control over Ywain's body and mind.After Laudine is told that Ywain is the one who defeated her husband, her advisor Lunette convinces her to take him to be her new lord. Cretien portrays love to be imprisonment by giving Laudine power over Ywain. "'She wishes to have you in her power, and she want to lay hold of your person so that even you heart is not at liberty.' 'Very well', he said. 'I am entirely willing. That will not pain me at all for I want to be in her prison'" (Troyes 33). Lunette warns Ywain that she will have his heart for herself, and by no means will he ever escape her love, for she controls him. Without hesitation Ywain accepts this by saying he is in "no pain" and would enjoy honoring her with his love.After wedding Laudine, Ywain hosts the king and his guests. Upon departure, the king requests that Ywain joins him to complete various adventures and...

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