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The women of Sacred Hearts show that the themes of entitlement and femininity are very important in the world we live in. The novel shows that they have been focuses since before the 1500s and have continued to be important. Entitlement and the matter of gender determine where one stands in the world or in society. One becomes more entitled than another through money, gender, and conforming: if one has more money, is more of the dominant gender, and is one to conform, then he or she is more entitled than he or she who is not. In Sacred Hearts, these subjects are investigated further in a different environment than most are used to.
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At first, Serafina wasn’t going to share her voice, something that she is entitled to. She then, however, started singing with the choir. Perhaps Serafina lost her entitlement, or she is being selfish and manipulative, which are both feminine qualities. But what makes one more entitled than another? Are women less worthy than men, and since the women of the novel live in an all-female society, who or what makes the decision of who is more worthy than another?
In this time period, women were not entitled to their own lives. For example, both Serafina and the female monster in Frankenstein were not given a chance to really live. The chance of having a love and a normal life was snatched away from both of them, while both of their love interests – men – were able to go out and continue with their lives. Serafina’s father decided how her life was going to be without any say from Serafina. Back then, women were not allowed to speak up for themselves or decide for themselves. Basically, a woman was not entitled to have a say in her own life, simply because she was a woman and therefore inferior. At the convent, things are different, because there are no men around. Instead there is Madonna, a woman was put in such a high position based on money and education. Even in the convent, where poverty is held highly, those with money are...

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