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Who Is Your Daddy? An Essay On That Jim Is A True Father Of Huck (From Clemens's "Huckleberry Finn")

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Contains citations to other worksThe father of a family is its supporter and leader. He loves and respects hischildren, and must be willing to sacrifice for them. In Adventures of Huckleberry Finn bySamuel Langhorne Clemens, Huck's father has none of these traits. The father, Pap, is anabusive and drunk man. He treats Huck like a caged animal and not a son. Pap does notposses the qualities to be any kind of a father. However, Jim, a slave with whom Huckescapes, posses the qualities to be a father to Huck.The 'Dead-Beat Dad' is a title that no father wants to have or ever want toreceive, but Huck's father wins the title 'hands down.' As bluntly stated by Edwin H.Cady, 'He [Pap] was a thief and a drunk, illiterate, filthy, full of howling hate againstblacks, schools, cleanliness, and responsibility, a con artist and a sadist' (388). Pap cannotread and his wife couldn't read, so by the reasoning of his mind, Huck should not be ableto read either. 'Your mother couldn't read, and she couldn't write... I can't; and hereyou're a-swelling yourself up like this' (Clemens 21). Pap was 'anti-schooling' andstrongly believed in it. He would do anything in order to follow this idea, just like abrainwashed Nazi soldier. He beat or threatened Huck not to go to school. 'If I catchyou about the school I'll tan you for good' (Clemens 21). Fathers feel proud when theirson achieves higher than they did, a good feeling emerges from their soul. Pap does notfeel good, but envy for his son. 'He put his head back in, and cussed me for putting onfrills and trying to be better than him' (Clemens 22). Pap was also a drunk and abusiveman. He tries to kill his son one night, but then wakes up the next morning having norecollection of what happened. A father can not be a true father when he locks his son upand/or tries to kill him. 'He locked me in and was gone for three days' (Clemens 24).'He chased me round and round the place, with a clasp knife...saying he would kill me'(Clemens 28). A man who envies his own son, stops his progression, or tries to kill hischild does not deserve to have a child or be called a father. He deserves the title of'Dead-Beat Dad.'Jim, a runaway slave, has the qualities to be a respectable father to Huck. Huckmeets with Jim on an island that he runs away to. Huck ran away from Pap as Jim ranaway from being sold to someone else. They decide to run the rest of the escape together,all the way to their freedom. On the escape, they learn to respect each as father and son,as family. A father has to provide food...

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