Who Killed Kennedy: Will The Truth Ever Be Known.

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States, and the public loved him. That is why his assassination was a horrific event. Many people wanted for justice to be served to whoever was responsible for Kennedy’s death, and the US government tried to give the people closure by convicting Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone perpetrator in the assassination. Despite the conviction of Lee Harvey Oswald, there is probable cause to believe that he was not responsible for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The mismanagement of many of the details surrounding the assassination has fueled the belief system that a great conspiracy was involved.
According to the Warren Commission report, “Texas School Book Depository employee Lee Harvey Oswald fired the shots that killed John F. Kennedy from the building’s south-eastern most sixth-floor window” (Reitzes). At first the public supported the conclusion of the Warren Commission, but as information began to surface about the details of how the investigation was flawed people began to have doubts. Jacob Cohen, a university professor, stated that over the years up to 80 percent of people polled said they had doubts about the Warren Commission’s conclusions (Cohen). Over the years there have been many people who have research the information surrounding Kennedy assassination, and inconstancies in the final reports have led them to believe that there was more to the issue than the report exhibited.
One theory that some hold is that there were shots fired at President Kennedy from Grassy Knoll. This prompted the belief that there was either another gunman or that Oswald was not the shooter at all. Some of the witnesses thought they heard three shots from behind the limousine while others thought they heard the shots from in front of the limousine (Reitzes). Those who support this theory reason that if the Warren report were true, then there would not be so much confusion within the eyewitnesses. This was not the case. One reason that the eyewitnesses were so varied in their testimonies is because they were all in a high intensity situation. This can cause people to hear or see things that did not happen and thereby making their testimonies invalid. A news reporter from Dallas said, “I remember interviewing people that said they saw certain things; some did, some didn’t. Even then there were people making up things.” (Reitzes). The Grassy Knolls theory was not the only conspiracy to be called invalid. Theories that London B Johnson, the military industrial complex, and the mob have also been conspiracies that have been debunked, but there is still one theory out there that may never been proven or disproven (Patterson). The idea that the CIA was somehow involved in JFK’s assassination is an issue that may never be fully uncovered. The mismanagement of the investigation of the case left many holes that may never be filled.
In 1963, there were two main rules, or precepts, that applied to...

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