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Who Killed Vincent Foster? Essay

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Vince Foster suicide perhaps is not as mysterious as the conspiracy theory let us to believe. Maybe it was just a suicide, or perhaps Vince could not deal with the Capitol’s twists and turns of politics. In this study, we will explore two articles based on the premises that Vince depression was the catalyst that led him to commit suicide. The third article review brings us back to the conspiracy circle, why news agencies wanted to kill the story so fast. The deeper we go, the more twisted the story line appears. I propose to you that, Vince Foster did not commit suicide.
Isikoff, Morganthau (1994) started this article by establishing this premise, “[m]ainstream journalists searched for a link between Foster's death and the Whitewater scandal, looking for a sharp angle to an otherwise dull and complicated tale.” (p.17) This statement open their newest article in Newsweek several days after the independent counsel Robert Fiske found that Foster had taken his own life, and dismissed any connection to Whitewater. Robert Fiske 58-page report is a harrowing account of the crackup of one of the president's most trusted aides (Isikoff, Morganthau, 1994, p.17) .
The Wall Street Journal editorial page, in particular, came under criticism for sneering at Foster as a member of the Rose Law Firm clique that was secretly running the government (Isikoff, Morganthau, 1994, p.17). Fiske's report makes clear, however, that Foster was depressed even before he arrived in Washington (Isikoff, Morganthau, 1994, p.17). According to Fiske’s report, “Foster had suffered what his wife described as ‘panic attacks’, marked by heavy sweating and a strained voice.” (Isikoff, Morganthau, 1994, p.17) All the roads indicate that Foster was indeed dealing with clinical depression, so why take this job. If, Foster’s wife and doctor were aware of the condition, why not recommend against taking this position. The stress of the position and his personal believe that he was failing as counsel, the life in the White House depressed him further.
One of Foster's jobs in the White House Counsel's Office was to vet new appointees. On the night that Clinton's first nominee for attorney general, Zoe Baird, was forced to withdraw for hiring illegal nannies, Foster was so full of self-reproach that he became physically sick. He began losing weight, and he had difficulty sleeping. By the summer of 1993, he had virtually ceased to function at his job, according to the testimony of White House counsel Bernard Nussbaum. He spent his last days paying bills and dutifully wrapping up the details of his father's estate. (Isikoff, Morganthau, 1994, p.17)
Could be possible that people working in these offices see this behavior normal? Perhaps it makes for a good topic of conversation around the water cooler, what is the overwhelming evidence that nobody mentions his attempts to reach out. Suicide prevention training teaches that depression is one...

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