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Who Knew? An Inside Look At Cameron Jurgens’ Life

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Growing up each kid is told how much hard the next level of education is, but as I look back I realize that it is harder but you don’t stress out any more than you did the previous year. I think back to my freshman year finals and how much I freaked out over them and compare that to now and I actually stress out less now that I am older. Throughout the years my different classes have taught be how to pick my battles, if Figgs’ chemistry class I learned that homework, even if it doesn’t count as very many points, is good to do that way you are more prepared for the test. Then, in calculus and honors trigonometry I learned a contradictory lesson that is equally as important, sometimes it is ok ...view middle of the document...

As I review all the papers I have written between now and then, I can see, with each paper, my ideas transitioning smoother between one paragraph to the next. When I read my senior papers I realize there is a lot of work left to go, but at least I can organize my ideas on a piece of paper.
High school is a difficult time for most teens. They are trying to find out who they really are and I was no different. Freshman year I thought I had it made; I had great friends and was doing well with the ladies. I even encountered my first love. She really helped me become a better person and even helped me learn how to take a step back and look at a situation from a different perspective. Then sophomore year rolled around and I started losing friends to drugs and alcohol. These friends began saying things that tore apart my already weak self confidence until I eventually I became depressed. During this time I became really good at putting on a fake smile and acting like everything was fine. My sister and I also grew extremely close during this time period. Eventually, junior year arrived and I had begun building up a new friend group with Cole Dister, Clay Haag, and Damien Joyce. Damien was very influential in my life because he gave me the greatest sense of self worth and even today I communicate with him at least one time a week. Cole and Clay were huge contributors to restoring my confidence. We all met in honors trigonometry and discovered how similar we were. This brings me to senior year; this is the year that I have had the most confidence I have ever had. I was able to climb out of my depression with the help of my closest friends and family and have constructed a plan for myself.
For the most part I have met all of my goals for high school and those that I haven’t met, I will by the time I graduate. My main goal was to earn A’s in all of my classes and graduate Summa. Throughout high school there have also been some unexpected accomplishments, most of which occurred my junior year. That year in participated in history day by creating a website about the Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant. This website was good enough to get me first in district and first in state. At state I even received perfect scores from all of the judges, except for one which gave me a near perfect in one area. Despite this success, I did not attend nationals because...

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