Who Made Nature Our Enemy? Essay

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Critique at the bottom.Quote:These men and patriarchs are not taking responsibilities for their destructive technology, and the consequences of there technology. They are leaving it up to the "worlds housewives" and the people who had nothing to do with it, to clean it up, and live with the consequences.After the Chernobyl disaster women we force to change their life style dramatically, because they were in fear of contaminating their family, and children. They must watch and keep track of the levels of nuclear contamination in fruit, vegetables, and milk, etc. We must ask ourselves how has this changed our lives and what have we learned from it?Everything may look, and feel normal, but it isn’t, it’s contaminated. There is almost an invisible shield that divides us from nature. The people that fell the greatest affect from this separation are the people who have the greatest compassion for it, mostly children and women. Some women that were directly affected by the disaster said that, it made the feel like the lost their “joie de vivre”, which when translated means: joy to live.After Chernobyl the standard of living drastically changed, women had changed their lifestyle almost completely, from what they could let their family eat, to not allowing their children to play outside. Almost all-fresh food such as vegetables, fruits, meats, cheeses, and many other foods had to be imported from other countries.The men in science, politics, and economics were the responsible ones, but it was the women who were the ones worrying about their families, and children becoming contaminated, not the men. It is the women worried about having a handicapped child, or a miscarriage. As a lady from Moscow said “Men do not think of life, they only want to conquer nature and the enemy, whatever the cost may be.”We cannot undo Chernobyl, or reverse the effects. But we must learn from this disaster and apply these lessons to stop, and prevent such an event from happening in the future.1. We must remember that our borders are political borders, and that just because something doesn’t happen to us, doesn’t mean that the effects won’t be felt by us. We all share the same earth.2. Everything is connected, if we treat the earth like an enemy, it will act as an enemy does, if we treat it as a friend, it will do as friends do.3. We cannot trust the “responsible ones”, because their main concern is achieving power, and keeping it. They tried to make up for Chernobyl, by paying women for their for their extra work, but we must remember that nothing can undo what Chernobyl has done to nature, and the environment.4. Most scientist and politicians have...

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