Who Or What Was To Be Blamed For The Deaths Of Romeo And Juliet?

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The deaths of Romeo and Juliet appear needless, as it was mainly the people around them who were fighting and disagreeing about the relationship. Romeo and Juliet mainly kept out of the fighting but their lives were made miserable and unhappy by the people around them who were interfering, and because they were so deeply in love with each other, they refused to be split up and therefore took risks to stay together which eventually led to their deaths. The Prologue at the beginning of the play suggests it was mainly fate that was to blame, "star-cross'd lovers and "death-mark'd love" are examples of this.Romeo is a young teenager, a member of the Montague household, who unfortunately falls in love with Juliet, a Capulet whose family are bitter enemies of the Montagues. He blames Fate or misfortune for nearly everything that goes wrong; after he kills Tybalt, he then realises the seriousness of his action but prefers to blame the stars rather than himself."O, I am fortune's fool".I think killing Tybalt was the biggest mistake Romeo made as it led to his banishment and it meant he could no longer see his beloved Juliet, without the risk of being caught. I do not think though that you can blame Romeo for killing Tybalt as he was determined to fight Romeo and when he refused, Romeo's closest friend Mercutio stepped in and drew his sword. They fought and Romeo intervenes trying to stop them but this according to the dying Mercutio gave Tybalt the opportunity to kill him, "I was hurt under your arm". Romeo then fought and killed Tybalt. Later when he hears from Balthasar the news that Juliet is dead he says, "Then I defy you stars", meaning he is not going to let Fate dictate what happens to him anymore.It seems that Romeo is either not afraid to take risks or just doesn't think about any of his actions, in the balcony scene he risks getting caught by the Nurse, and then later in Juliet's bedroom when Lady Capulet is looking for her.Juliet is a young Capulet not quite 14 years old, she is gentle, loyal, obeys her parents and thinks for herself. When she first meets Romeo she falls for him instantly. She is practical in that she quickly asks Romeo to marry her which would be against her parents' will as they want her to marry Paris whom she does not love. She is also like Romeo in that she does not think of the consequence of her actions. She is loyal to Romeo, as she is worried about him getting caught in the balcony scene"The orchard walls are high and hard to climbAnd the place death, considering who thou art," (Act 2 Scene 2)She is different from Romeo in the fact that she does not blame fate for the things that go wrong, she blames her birth as we here in these rhyming couplets"Prodigious birth of love is to me,That I must love a loathed enemy." (Act 1 Scene 5)Whereas friends and Friar Laurence talk to and advise Romeo, Juliet is on her own and has to make her own decisions, with the Nurse offering little or no help. Romeo's parents seem very caring...

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3230 words - 13 pages lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace” there is still quarrel between both families and if this peace is broken then the consequence shall be paid. In act one scene one Romeo who has not yet met Juliet nor knows anything of her is infatuated with Rosaline whom does not share the same affection, the consequence of her freewill meant that she dismisses Romeo freedom to be with her witch it the time is indeed what

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1066 words - 4 pages . The deaths can be blamed on the parents, the friar, or Romeo and Juliet. The parents of Juliet can easily be seen as the motive for their deaths. One reason for this is that they are pushing Juliet to marry Paris. Sir Paris, I will make a desperate tender of me child's love... a Thursday, tell her she shall marry this noble earl(12-21). This section shows of Capulet's agreement with Paris to have him marry Juliet. Juliet loves Romeo, and not

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526 words - 2 pages with Rosaline and into love with Juliet, having decided to marry her after knowing her for less than a day. Another case of impulse was due to misunderstanding and assumption, when he assumed that Juliet was dead. His only thought was to take his life, instead of finding out if she was still alive. Romeo was also vengeful and didn't think though or control his feelings as in the example when Tybalt killed Mercutio and Romeo ran after Tybalt to

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