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Who Should Be The Determining Factor?

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Who Should Be the Determining Factor?

In today’s society more people are getting engaged in gay marriages and becoming more open to society. From our society changing from a highly conservative rate to a more liberal state, this will increase the amount of open mindedness towards gay marriages. These two short arguments represent the pros and cons of gay marriage; and why gay marriages should be allowed. Andrew Sullivan will be discussing why gays should be allowed to be married. In contrast to Sullivan, William Bennett wrote a response to give a heterosexual perspective. Throughout this paper there will be numerous summarizing and synthesizing for the two arguments. Because there is two such different points of views this helps the contrast of both. In my synthesis there are topics that relate to Bennett and how he doesn’t have a strong enough back up to say who should and shouldn’t get married.

In the essay, “Let Gays Marry,” by Andrew Sullivan, there were a few main arguments stated. In the document, Sullivan claims that gays and lesbians want the government to enable the law so it lets gays get married. They presented themselves in front of the Supreme Court and in fact, this was the first time they actually got some acknowledgment. Gays and lesbians are going to want to be together (some are lucky enough to meet that special someone), basically why not give them the right to be an equal citizen? The fact that churches do not want them to get married is not the focus; the difference is that Sullivan wants the government to take action. He’s simply asking for the government’s approval to allow a civil marriage. No one has the choice to be white, black, female, male, gay, hetero, etc. As a response to Bill Bennett, he should accept and notice the deep conservative cause (promote monogamy toward family disciplines).

William Bennett wrote a response to Sullivan’s passage, and it is called “Leave Marriage Alone.” From the start Bennett states a main focus; he says will it strengthen or weaken the institution (of course he thinks it will weaken it). William believes same sex unions will breakdown or shatter the conventional marriage and weaken the rules the government supplement. Same sex unions would stretch the definition of marriage beyond its limits and change the standard marriage. Bennett’s comments to Sullivan, on what grounds should he take action towards legal recognition and social acceptance? Bennett also believes that Sullivan and other bisexuals are in denial. Marriage is not an arbitrary contract; it is based on the honorable estate, God institution, and built on moral and religious values. It should be tough to be nurtured, educated, and sustained for all. Based on a 4,000 year tradition, Bennett has an honorable defense.

In the argument, “Let Gays Marry,” the Supreme Court heard this case and stated, “Gay men and lesbians are no longer strangers in America.” This was...

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