Who Pulls The Trigger? Essay

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There is much controversy over gun laws in the United States. Today, people are very opinionated about this subject and it has become a very serious issue. Very frequently in the media, people hear about mass shootings and terrible crimes that involve guns. This has led them to believe that guns are the problem, when in fact it’s the people using them. Firearms do not directly cause violence; by everyone having access to fire arms, it increases the deadliness of violence altogether (Cothran 78). David Kopel says, in our society “”what we need is more “good guys with guns.” Right now in some communities, police are already stretched too thin to provide even one officer per school.””(Kopel). ...view middle of the document...

Theoretically if guns were properly handled, they wouldn’t be a problem. The guns themselves are not pulling the trigger; it’s the hands that you put them in. We all have the right to defend ourselves and protect our families! Everyone has heard of the shootings of Columbine, the Dark Knight Rises, Sandy Hooke, and many more. There are also examples of non-popular shootings: Pearl High School, a middle school’s dance (Kopel). “There’s a reason that you never heard much about these places. The number of innocent people killed was much smaller—sometimes none. In each of them an active shooter was confronted by an armed defender who happened to be at the scene.”(Kopel). Many people think that arming adults at schools would cause more harm than good (Kopel). But schools in Utah and Texas have not had any problems (Kopel). People opposing guns say that armed teachers or officers won’t make a difference, but they have even at Columbine (Kopel). A school resource officer was able to save wounded students (Kopel). Looking at guns, they are mostly used either as a weapon or in defense. In many cases, during a confrontation a victimized person can pull out a gun and the incident is over and sometimes not even reported (Roleff 86). There are two very different types of people, the kind who use guns for security and people who use them for crime and personal gain. Even if we do create stricter gun laws, the people who use them for immoral means are not going to be the ones who follow the rules. This puts the responsible people at a...

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