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In the book Who Really Matters, Art Kleiner analyzes the business domain and how employees interact, establishing perspectives on power, privilege, and success in the work world. He does this through both comprehensive accounts from workers of various organizations, as well as personal knowledge. Kleiner promptly establishes a key theory of the “Core Group”. He argues that every organization is powered by a desire to please a Core Group of individuals, and this therefore compels the success of the company. The Core Group is the key people in the company; they are people “who really matter”. By exploring the structure of multiple companies, Kleiner emphasizes that people consistently use ...view middle of the document...

This can be seen in other aspects of society too; an example Kleiner gives is politics. Politicians must be “exceedingly careful even with their most casual remarks, because they can have a huge effect on their listeners” (80). This coincides with the Core Group’s tremendous influence on a company.
Looking at Kleiner’s notion of the Core Group’s power and influence on an organization, he could be categorized as an advocate of interactionism. This theoretical perspective analyzes how individuals connect and cooperate with one another. The Core Group is a prime example of how certain groups’ interactions create meaning. In a company with a broad distribution of individuals, individuals must cooperate with each other to achieve a common goal. The Core Group essentially orchestrates and guides these interactions, and through this results in either the company’s failure or success.
Kleiner supports this argument of the Core Group by including extracts from other credible publications as well as statistical evidence from studies on the same matter. He also utilizes personal accounts from interviews he himself conducted to make his argument valid and relevant. For instance, he references a research director of a consulting firm, Kevin Kelly that increases the cogency in his Core Group argument. He includes a statistical chart...

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