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What makes someone a hero? A hero isn’t a celebrity or someone who can fly, have super speed, or shoot lasers out of their eyes. A hero is just an ordinary citizen that fights to solve a widespread issue in today’s society. A hero is an ordinary individual who rises to the occasion and fights the issues with superhero behavior, without the actual super powers. A hero is someone just similar to everyone else, but when they see a problem they have the bravery to step up and fix it without thinking twice. In the United States, a hero is someone whose character and qualities inspire others to live in life with fulfillment and compassion.
I believe a hero isn’t someone who is frightened to be who they are, but someone who embraces it. I believe that qualifies someone as a hero because the citizens around them witness their confidence and fulfillment and it makes them feel as if it is okay to be who they really are. Anyone who makes someone else feel comfortable in their own skin is a superior person and a hero in my eyes. Michael from “Crazy Courage” is the kind of person that many people look up to, and the type of person I consider a hero. Michael dressed and acted femininity without any embarrassment; he embraced it with dignity and pride. Many people should look up to him as a role model and hero because he did what many people are afraid to do, and in doing that he is an inspiration to many. (Villanueva 207-208)
Hero’s are people that are seen every day in ordinary places. Hero’s are people that assist others without even thinking twice about it. When someone stands up for another person I consider them to be a hero since they had the courage to stand up for what they believe is right, while others may stand on the side and do nothing. A hero is a role model; someone to look up to and an individual who can make a less confident, less courageous person do something they wouldn’t normally do. For example, Hard Rock from “Hard Rock Returns to Prison” was a role model for all the men in the prison. He was the “Destroyer, the doer of things,” and he did what no one else in that prison had the courage to do. He stood up for himself and others, and he wasn’t afraid to do...

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