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Who's Fault Was It? Essay

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We all know that the creature did some wrong actions but who is really at fault? In the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelly there are many perspectives that are shown. Different factors all constitute into the creatures wrong doings which show that all three are to blame. Some can say it was the creatures fault himself, society, or Victor Frankenstein the creator. There are many different actors and can all be interpreted differently.
One way in which society influences the Creature’s behavior is their disgust and hateful attitude towards him. For example, when the creature landed upon a village, he was attacked because of his looks, “…I had hardly placed my foot within the door, before the children shrieked and one of the woman fainted. The whole village was roused, some fled, some attacked me, until grievously bruised by stones and many others kinds of missile weapons” (93). Just the looks of the creature was enough to set off the village to attack him. People fear what they don’t understand and can act irrationally. After this, it is understandable that the creature would despise and seek revenge against humans. Another example of how poorly society treats him is shown when the creature finally manages to bring up courage and talks to the blind man. They are interrupted when his family come back home. “Felix darted forward, and with supernatural force tore me from his father… he dashed me to the ground and stuck me violently with a stick” (122). The creature managed to have a conversation with the blind father yet when others say him; he was beaten and chased out. The fact that the family he had observed for so long shunned him at the sight of his face shows the ignorance in society. Society affected the creature by punishing and hurting him for nothing but his appearance.
Another component that causes the Creature’s violence may be himself. Only ones self can make their own decisions. For example when the creature found Victor Frankenstein’s son, he decided to kill his for revenge. “’Frankenstein! You belong to my enemy – to him towards whom I have sworn eternal revenge’ you shall be my first victim.’”(). The creature decided on his own will to kill the son of Victor Frankenstein due to his hatred for him. The creature sleeked revenge to his creator for...

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