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Who Is The Author Essay

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Imagine a world where all the authors write in an objective perspective. Would not it be a paradise for all the readers? But looking at the circumstances which our authors are in today, it would only stay as a Utopia. All authors add something from themselves in their text and they should. But if it comes to blurring the text for some readers, it is unaccepted. Because, an author`s characteristics do make a huge difference in a text and some of those characteristics and their influences on a text will be discussed in this essay.
First of all, let’s look at how gender of the author affects the text he/she writes. A book that is written by an author does not have a strong potential to fulfil the opposite gender`s expectations at some point. It would be okay but it would not be perfect. The same goes for male authors too. They cannot simply write a perfect book about women. Of course there are exceptions but even if a book from a male author is successfully written and accepted by most of the women, it cannot be successful as a book from a female author. On the other hand, there are a lot of books that were written by female authors who later were found out to be males with fake female names. Authors use pennames either to conceal their identity or to write in categories that not specifically related with their own gender. Their concerns might be financial too. No one would want to read a teenage girl`s life story from a mid-aged male. Joanne Kathleen Rowling who is the author of the famous Harry Potter series suffered from this as well. Her producer was afraid that people wouldn’t buy her book just because it is written by a female author. So he didn’t write her full name on the book but instead he wrote J.K. Rowling. And after that in 2012, J.K Rowling wrote a detective novel named “The Cuckoo`s Calling” under the fake name “Robert Galbraith”. The book sold 1500 copies under that fake name. But as soon as its real author revealed the book became a top seller in US and UK. Even though a lot of people protested her, she said "It has been wonderful to publish without hype or expectation, and pure pleasure to get feedback under a different name."
Secondly, age is one of the important characteristics of an author. Since being an author depends on mostly life experience, older authors` books are more likely to be successful. A young author who has a little life experiences cannot express an idea or construct a story like an aged author who has been through a lot. But that does not mean an aged author can write about anything. But however, there might be some topics that even an experienced author could not find anything to write about. For example, a teenage author can write a text about modern life trends better than an old author since the subject is about people about his or her age. In addition, let’s say there are two books about death which one of is written by an author...

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