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Who Said It Cannot Get Any Worse

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"Under the Influence", by Scott Russell Sanders, is an essay written about alcoholism, and it's affect on other people, from a point of view of the author (Sanders). Being a son of an alcoholic, after the death of his father, he discusses his behavior, under the influence of alcohol.
I found myself along the same lines as the author and found the relationship of Sanders and his father really interesting. Sanders describes his father, being under the influence, change into a completely different person in terms of the way he acted towards people, his family in particular. He conveys," In a matter of minutes, the contents of a bottle could transform a brave man into a coward, a buddy into a ...view middle of the document...

As I was only 10 years of age and under 18 years, the judge ruled that it was best for me to stay with my mother, until I turn 18 and then the decision would be mine. Its wasn't long before she remarried to another man and we moved to Dubai, where he treated me and my brother like we were criminals in our own home. At first, it was like we were the perfect family and nothing could change that but I was wrong. My stepfather was the kind of person, who used to spend lots of money on luxuries, not worrying about money being the issue. But where it came to us, he was very greedy and we were restricted from using our own money to buy clothes or on food. He used to say that home food is just as good as food from a restaurant, so there is no point in eating outside and wasting money. Money was not the only problem.
My step father didn't let me talk to my real father, through phone or e-mail and didn't let me use anything given by him as a present. He used to keep tabs on the phone and checked, if I had talked to him or not. The only way I could contact him was, when my step father used to go to work and I would run down to the phone booth and talk to him. I guess it was jealousy or the feeling of being threatened, that made him act the way he did. Sanders witnesses the same kind of behavior from his father towards his mother like, being threatened and not having the right to speak freely. He portrays in the following words," Our father never beat us, and I don't think he ever beat Mother, but he threatened often."(Sanders 65). Being the mentally challenged human being he was, it wasn't long when he lost his mind and wanted us out of his home for good. In days noticed, he booked me a flight to Pakistan, my hometown, where I spent the next two years of my life under my aunt's roof.
Living with my aunt and my cousins was great because there was no hold on me anymore by anyone but on the other hand I was crushed and the feeling of rejection was very brutal. I tried
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my best to have fun and not to think about it. The people who say, 'only your own family can take care of you', said it right. It was a matter of time when my aunt started having problems with me living there, as I was an extra burden to their family, who were financially not stable. I understood their situation but I felt betrayed. It was the same feeling that...

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