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It was a quiet day in Brooklyn the bird was chirping the sun was shining the wind was blowing. Bang! Bang! Two shots were fired. Tony jumps out his bed from a deep sleep and run towards his window. He looks out the window and sees his best friend Ray, laying in blood, helplessly, as blood dripped out his skull .A blue car zooms away from the scene. Ray rushes down the stairs in his pajamas in a blink of an eye, while he dials 911. He approached his friend bloody body unable to do anything. He begins to panic, screaming "Ray! “Ray!" "Wake up my brother don’t die on me now, we been through so much." "Who did this to you?" "I’m going to kill those bastards, just tell me, say ...view middle of the document...

" "Tony I don’t want to hear you speak like this!" "You are a good kid stay in college and lay off the herb, let me do my job, I’m going to get down to the bottom of this." Detective hops in the car. "Here take my card call me if you find out anything that may lead to an arrest." Tony takes the card and puts it in his pocket. Tony rushes to the hospital on the train because his car was in the repair shop. On the train ride to the hospital Tony was sad and depressed. A beautiful girl from a across the approaches him. “Hey handsome, why the said face? Tony did not respond. "Cat got your tongue?" "Tony busted out my friend got shot; I’m on my way to the hospital!" "Oh, I’m sorry to hear about your friend, I hope he recovers, no one should have to witness such pain, I hope they find the bastard who committed the crime and let him rot in jail!" "Thanks, I’m sorry for shouting at you earlier; you seem like a nice person." “What’s your name?" "I’m Stephanie, nice to meet you, and your name is?" "I’m Tony it is a pleasure Stephanie, I’m about to get off at the next stop, would you like to exchange numbers?" Yes, if you need a friend I will be there." The train door opens, and Tony waves good bye to his new friend. Upon arrival at the hospital, Tony wasn’t able to see Ray; the doctor was still performing surgery. Five hours later, Tony wakes up from a nap and walk to the counter." I’m here to see Ray Miller". “And who are you to Mr. Miller?" "I’m a very close friend of his." "I’m sorry sir but only family member is allowed to visit Mr. Miller at this moment." “I am family cried Tony, Ray is like a brother to me, can I please see him?" "Okay but I must warn you, Mr. Miller is in deep sleep." What do you mean deep sleep?" "Mr. Miller is in a Coma." Tony couldn’t believe it a thousands of though was flowing through his head. He walks to N550, and tears start to pour out his eyes, as he sees his friend laying there unconscious, breathing through a machine. "Damn bro, I told you drop that street life, now look where it got you!" I told you go to college and get a real job, that lifestyle wasn’t worth your life." "Why couldn’t you listen to me bro?”WHY!" “Now look what you put your loved one through, your mom is probably stress out, she have enough stress with paying bills and maintain the house." The door opens, in walks Ray's mom. She was a strong, brave, hard working woman. She sits next to Tony and comforts him, tears dripping from both of their eyes. ““There’s nothing we can do son, it’s all in god hands now, we just have to pray." “I admire you Tony, why couldn’t you out some sense into his head." “I tried Mrs., Miller, but you know Ray is stubborn." Later that evening Tony reaches home, he hops in the shower and tries to get some rest. But his head was pounding all he could think about is best friend and revenge. Tony was stressed out and angry and couldn’t fall asleep. He decides to call Stephanie over, he needed some comfort. Thirty minutes later the...

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